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Daring police officer goes undercover in women's prison - 60 Days In: The Jail

A female police officer called Ashley goes undercover in a prison

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Three female volunteers arrive for series 6 of 'The Jail: 60 Days In'. One of the women is a police officer named Ashley who wants to use her time as an inmate to improve the criminal justice system. The other two volunteers are Jennifer, a born-again Christian, and Shanese, an educator who works with at-risk youths. The prison which the three women will be entering houses inmates with mixed levels of criminality. They could meet people who have committed traffic offences, all the way up to capital murder. There are more fights in the women’s unit than there are anywhere in the entire facility. Ashley is a police officer, but she will be telling the other contestants that she works as a full-time national guard, as she doesn’t want her real position to be leaked. She believes that her experience and belief in a fair justice-system will allow her to be a valuable asset to the experiment.