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The chaos of prison will push everyone to the limit - 60 Days In: The Jail

Woman banging on the window of a cell door

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The first three participants say goodbye to their freedom and enter Pitt County Jail. What awaits them inside is beyond anything they had ever expected. Returning for an all-new season, 60 Days In: The Jail locks down Henry County Jail in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. The recently elected Sheriff Reginald Scandrett is enlisting seven formerly incarcerated participants to go undercover in an effort to find valuable information to help improve jail conditions. For the first time in the series' history, all participants have previously been arrested for crimes of their own and collectively have served more than 40 years behind bars. Will these formerly incarcerated participants be able to survive everything thrown their way during the voluntary stint in jail, or will the challenges of going back behind bars be too much for them to handle?