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Sherrif Jamey NoelSheriff Jamey Noel is a lifelong resident of Clark County and a lifelong member of Sacred Heart Church in Jeffersonville. Upon graduation from Providence High School, Sheriff Noel obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Supervision from Indiana University. While attending IU, he was placed on the Dean’s list and is a life time member of the Indiana University Alumni Association. Sheriff Noel has been a member of the Utica Township Volunteer Fire & EMS since 1987, an Advanced EMT, Asst. Chief in 1991 and Fire Chief from 1993-2015. In 2000, he became the founding Chief of New Chapel Fire & EMS. In 2006, Sheriff Noel received the Midwest Award for Lifetime Achievement in the fire service. Sheriff Noel has numerous firefighting certifications and awards. Sheriff Noel has been a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1994. He was Vice Chairman in 2008-2009 of the Clark County Election Board, current Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party since 2009, and also is currently Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party 9th District and member of the Indiana Republican Party State Committee & Budget Committee Chairman since June 2011. Indiana Governor Mike Pence appointed Sheriff Noel as a member of the Indiana Homeland Security Board in January 2013. Sheriff Noel retired from the Indiana State Police after 22 years and held the following ranks: Trooper, Senior Trooper, Master Trooper, Undercover Narcotics Detective, Detective, Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, and retired as an Asst. Post Commander on December 31, 2014. He is a field training officer and has numerous police certifications. He was elected as Sheriff of Clark County Indiana and took office on January 1, 2015. Sheriff Noel has received the following awards: ISP Life Saving Award, American Legion Police Officer of the Year, and Governor’s Award for Valor. Sheriff Noel is a member of the following organizations: Knights of Columbus – Jeffersonville, Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association, Clark County FOP Lodge, Indiana State Police Alliance, Indiana Sheriff’s Association, National Sheriff’s Association, American Legion Sellersburg Post, Past Master of the Henryville Masonic Lodge #651, Kosair Shrine, and a Kentucky Colonel.

Zac, 30

Zac is currently pursuing a career as a law enforcement officer. He's willing to leave his wife and newborn son for two months in exchange for a unique education in criminal psychology and the jail system, hopefully preparing him for a career as a cop.Zac is going into this program with a strong belief that it's wrong that our inmates have better, more comfortable living conditions than our active military. He feels that inmates would greatly benefit from a boot camp type environment.Zac is the son of a minister, raised in a conservative community in Tennessee. In 2009, he became a Combat Engineer in the US Marine Corps Reserve, one of the most dangerous positions in the military. Zac wants to see firsthand whether his assumption that inmates don't know how good they really have it is true and to potentially connect with other veterans who are locked up.The Sheriff wants Zac to participate in this program because he believes Zac's drive to be in law enforcement and military background will push him to uncover the illegal activity of inmates in the pods.Robert, 45

Robert is a teacher who wants to use this experience to show his students the ramifications of their choices so they don't end up behind bars.Robert grew up in a conservative family in Southern Illinois and credits his mother and father's strict but loving parenting style for the upstanding man he is today.He feels strongly that the United States is too soft when it comes to incarceration. Robert believes that once convicted, inmates should pay their debts to society by working 12 hours a day and learning a trade for when they come out.Robert is dedicated to his artwork and to being a mentor. He has volunteered in orphanages in Haiti and India and loves to spend time with Darius, his “little brother” of fifteen years. Robert hopes this experience informs his ability to mentor teens and show them why a life of crime isn't the way to go.The Sheriff wants Robert in this program because he works with inner city kids and sees firsthand how they can be led down the wrong path.Maryum, 47

As a Social Worker in gang prevention, Maryum is passionate about preventing youth from committing crimes, joining gangs and going to jail. But unfortunately, Maryum knows some kids see doing time as a right of passage. She hopes this program will show her why incarceration is so powerful to inner-city kids. She also hopes to learn what kind of resources there are inside for inmates.Born and raised in Chicago, Maryum is the eldest of Muhammad Ali's nine children. Her father was prone to humanitarian acts of all kinds and she has followed in his footsteps.Maryum has fifteen years of experience in delinquency prevention and youth development and has worked in many capacities in this field; from having direct practice experience with over 300 families to working in the Mayor's Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development in Los Angeles.She is disappointed by the inequalities that exist within the criminal justice system; she believes the punishment should fit the crime; and she feels that jails should have effective resources for real rehabilitation. As someone who is dedicated to improving the system, the Sheriff sees Maryum's insight into social issues as invaluable to his project.Tami, 46 Tami is a police officer working in all aspects of the field from undercover work to the mounted command. She is passionate about making the community around her safer. While she's not afraid to put people behind bars, she often wonders if their crime fits the punishment and whether they'll truly be rehabilitated.While growing up in the foster care system, Tami felt like nobody was protecting her. Tami was compelled to join the police academy.Tami could have easily ended up behind bars like many of her peers. Now she'll get the chance to experience what that life would have been like. She'll also see firsthand how her actions out in the field result in a growing incarcerated population and live with people similar to those she has arrested.She's the proud mom to a young daughter and believes she'll come home a more informed and compassionate officer and parent after this experience. The Sheriff believes having a police officer in his jail will be invaluable in spotting criminal behavior.

Isaiah, 19

Isaiah feels like a part of him was ripped away when his older brother got locked up five years ago. Their family has no idea when he will be released but Isaiah speaks to his brother almost daily – he is his biggest lifeline on this side of the bars.Isaiah wants to walk in his brother's shoes and see what life is like beyond what he hears on their phone calls. Isaiah also wants to prove to the world that he is stronger and more disciplined than most people believe him to be.As a kid, Isaiah always felt he was put in the same category as his mischievous brother – his arrest took a heavy toll on the family and caused Isaiah to make some poor decisions and got him into trouble during high school.Isaiah has recently turned his life around and does not want to end up like his sibling. He's eager to better understand his brother's experience and even be a mentor to kids who have grown up in similar circumstances.Jeff, 33

During his time doing security work in Nevada casinos, Jeff encountered, detained, and cuffed hundreds of criminals while waiting for the police to arrive. From domestic disputes to counterfeiters to assault, Jeff saw it all – but he always wondered what happened to these people after they were taken to a correctional facility.Now, Jeff is back home in the Midwest, working security for a major department store, and he's ready to take the next step in his career and has applied to be a CO. Jeff believes that taking part in the program will help his resume and put him at the head of the class and distinguish him among candidates.Jeff also has questions about the system and how well it works. He believes not all felons are bad and this experience will open his eyes to the reality of working in corrections.The Sheriff wants Jeff to participate because he values the point of view of a young man who wants to be the future of corrections. Since he's not yet part of the system, he'll provide an honest and critical look.Barbra, 25

A military wife and mother of two young children, Barbra has never seen the inside of a jail. But as a teenage mom who has struggled to make ends meet, she thinks she can relate to some of the women inside.That said, Barbra strongly feels that inmates have it easy behind bars and that taxpayers foot the bill providing them with three square meals a day and a place to sleep, while innocent homeless people struggle to survive with little help. And as a military wife, she sees how hard her husband works to earn his pay and benefits.If Barbra had it her way, the incarcerated population would be pulling their weight and have mandatory jobs inside to earn the benefits they're receiving. As a hardworking mom, she thinks she can be a positive influence to the women inside, and show them there's another way.The Sheriff thinks that many people in his county feel the same way Barbra does and he is eager for her to see firsthand the improvements he's made to his jail and get to the bottom of lingering issues.