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Predictions for The Jail: 60 Days In

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One jail whose history of corruption runs so deep, its former sheriff has been arrested. Seven innocent people who are going to spend 60 days in said prison, keeping an eye out for any illegal behaviour on the part of the inmates or the guards, then reporting back—or to use prison lingo: snitching. The Jail: 60 Days In is the first programme in history to try anything like this, which basically means that anything could happen, right? Here’s what we’re predicting...

Someone will crack

It happened in theStanford Prison Experiment (which is basically the only precedent for the docu-series) 36 hours in. Fingers crossed these guys can hold out a bit longer, but we’re predicting at least one of them will call time before the 60 days are up. After all, these are all normal people who have been transported into a violent prison; they’re going to be under huge amounts of pressure just trying to survive.Barbra, the stay-at-home mother of two young kids looks like the participant most likely to leave early.

Attitudes will be changed

It’s a fairly solid guess the participants who think inmates have life too easy are going to be in for a hard awakening when confronted with thereality of prison life. Barbra and teacherRobert are the two main offenders so far. Both have been vocal in their attitudes that prison equates to a country club, so they’re the ones we’re expecting to find this the hardest.

Someone will get made

Hopefully, for their sake, no one has their cover blown (the other inmates aren’t likely to take kindly to having a snitch in their midst), but coping with the stress of life inside, while holding down a cover story that is going to be scrutinised by the prisoners, is not easy. Robert is already a prime candidate for this, giving his attitude towards incarceration and contempt for inmates, but then again,Maryum is Muhammad Ali’s daughter, which immediately exposes her.

Roles will be assumed

In the Stanford Prison Experiment, it took a mere hours for the prisoners and guards to start acting in their assumed roles. Six days later and the guards were acting increasingly sadistically, while the prisoners had become browbeaten and dejected. This experiment might be completely different, but the participants need to fool their fellow inmates to survive the 60 days inside, which means taking on the role of convicted felon and acting accordingly. That doesn’t mean they’re immune from punishment: if they break the rules, they will face consequences.

Zac andTami will come out on top Zac is a marine who has been through boot camp already and survived. Tami has come through the foster system and become a police officer. Not only has she had a tough upbringing, but she’s used to undercover work and knows how the justice system works. If anyone can triumph, our money is on these two. There are going to be some shocking moments What else can you expect?