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The four-hour documentary investigates the billionaire New York financier who is alleged to have used his connections to the rich and famous to shield his predatory behaviour with young girls. Revealing how Epstein set up a pseudo-sexual Ponzi scheme to bring in underaged girls, the show delves into the aftermath the survivors are experiencing with no justice to be served.

The series provides a platform for these courageous women to share their stories first person as we examine Epstein’s rise to boundless wealth, the people surrounding him who potentially procured and protected, and his second arrest, shocking death, Alland the stories yet untold,Surviving Jeffery Epstein. The show isn't just about how Jeffrey Epstein was finding and recruiting these girls, but a compelling reality check that there were many people who were feeding him these girls through a well-oiled Ponzi scheme.

He originally was the only one held accountable for this, but now through the testimonies of these strong women, we can understand his strategy and approach to having women everywhere to easily and continuously continue to abuse them. Apart from Ghislaine Maxwell, there were many other people who are named as co-conspirators and that it's very fascinating. It raises a range of questions like, how many people knew about this? How many people contributed to this behaviour? And then ultimately, when he was released from prison, back in 2009, how many people welcomed him back into society, celebrating and still associating with him? It really goes to show the influence and power which he had.

What's so fascinating about this story is that each survivor is from a different background, has a different history but yet shares the same heart-breaking experiences of Jeffrey Epstein. Experiences which now has an impact on their lives today. The series also questions whether the climate has changed between 2008 and now. It asks how far has the climate of sexual abuse really changed? And raises questions on how many people have managed to consistently abuse their power and evade the justice system. Could the trail and justice for these women ignite a change in the laws that were built to protect women? Could it get rid of the statute of limitations on sexual abuse?

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres on Crime+Investigation with a double episode airing on Tuesday 25th August at 9pm. Parts three and four will be broadcast the following evening on Wednesday 26th August at 9pm.