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The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was jailed for the 2015 second-degree murder of her mother, Claudine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard. Beginning in Gypsy’s infancy, Dee Dee told people Gypsy was sick to position herself as a selfless caregiver and loving mother, who would do anything for her daughter. But Gypsy had lived her whole life in a false reality, her public story of illness and bravery was in stark contrast to a private life filled with abuse. The truth eventually surfaced with the shocking murder of Dee Dee by Gypsy’s boyfriend. This six-part series finds Gypsy Rose Blanchard in prison on the eve of her parole hearing as she recounts her emotional journey; being forced to remain a child, held prisoner by her own mother and the unfathomable choice she made in order to survive. Her story is a tragic and perplexing example of the complexities surrounding child abuse and its long-term consequences – the series will shock, challenge and provoke uncomfortable questions.

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