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Murdertown: Crime Survey

Edinburgh deemed the safest city in the UK while Birmingham is the least

Residents of Birmingham are most likely to feel unsafe walking their city streets at night – while Edinburgh is deemed the safest city in the UK.A staggering 42 per cent of those living in the midlands city said they don’t always feel safe on the streets during the day, while another 32 per cent worry even when they are in their own home.

And half wouldn’t dream of going out after dark.

In comparison, nearly 90 per cent of people in Edinburgh feel safe, with just 16 per cent experiencing crime.

The stats emerged in a study to mark the launch of our new true crime docuseries Murdertown, which found only two thirds would recommend their town or city as a safe place to live.

A spokesperson for Crime + Investigation said:“The results of this study offer a fascinating insight into how safe we Britons feel in our cities and towns. Our new series Murdertown explores these perceptions we hold of the places we live; revealing some truly shocking crimes while also shining a light on the determination of local law enforcement and the inspirational resilience of communities fighting for justice”

It emerged just 56 per cent of those living in Birmingham would recommend their home as somewhere safe to live compared to82 per cent of Edinburgh residents.

Researchers found Bristol also appear among the top five safest cities, closely followed by Brighton and Hove, with Southampton and Cambridge completing the top five.

Leicester took second place for the cities residents feel the least safe in, followed by Manchester, London and Sheffield.

The study polling 2,000 Brits revealed31 per centhave felt unsafe in their own home at one point or another, with nearly a quarter hearing of break-ins or attacks in their local area.

Just under half of those polled have known a victim of crime, with a home break-in being the most commonly experienced offence.

More than a third know someone who have been the target of car theft and nearly a quarter are acquainted with someone who has been mugged.

It also emerged nearly a quarter have been a victim of crime themselves in the town or city they live in, but plenty could be done to make them feel more at ease.

Half would like to see police patrolling the streets more often to make them feel safer, and a third said more CCTV would help ease their worry.

And three in 10 agreed additional street lights would make the difference.

Brits have felt so anxious, nearly a quarter have either moved or considered a move to an entirely different town or city in a bid to feel safer.

In fact, three fifths reckoned towns and rural areas and generally safer than larger cities, with nearly half under the impression they have become more worried about their safety as they have got older.

And a third feel less safe now in their current hometown or city than they did 10 years ago.

Five Safest Cities

EdinburghBristolBrighton and HoveSouthamptonCambridge

Five Least Safe Cities


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