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Murdered By My Husband

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Murdered By My Husband - sneak peek

On Sunday 22 April, 2018, 28-year-old Hollie Kerrell disappeared from her home in Knucklas, mid-Wales. Concerned husband Chris Kerrell had sent texts to friends and family, but no one had seen or heard from her. He told police they’d argued and she’d stormed off to start, she said, a new life. Detective Superintendent Anthony Griffiths of Dyfed-Powys Police took charge of the case, and within a matter of hours assembled a 25-strong team of investigators which included Detective Inspector Gareth Grant, Family Liaison Officers DC Alison Fletcher and DC Katie Wheeldon in a bid to find her safe and well. But Anthony knew something wasn’t right. Why would devoted mum Hollie leave her three children behind? Under arrest, Chris Kerrell coolly maintained his innocence - until mounting evidence and an unexpected phone call finally exposed his web of lies, and the awful truth began to emerge. He’d brutally murdered Hollie in her kitchen, then calmly drank the still warm cup of tea she’d made for herself - before dumping her body where he believed she would never be found. This film delves deep inside a murder investigation to reveal how painstaking police work and rapid decision-making by Detectives Anthony Griffiths and Gareth Grant led to the conviction of a man determined to take the ultimate control over his wife. Hollie’s personality and energy are brought to life during the documentary with regular posts from her social media channels. Hollie leaves behind three children and a devastated family. Local Councillor Ange Williams interviewed for the film, gives an account of a community, Knucklas mid-Wales, ripped apart by the shocking murder of a young mother. The film also reveals the “8 warning signs” that abusers typically display before killing their partner. Cutting edge research by former police officer turned criminologist Dr Jane Monckton-Smith shows the warning signs that escalate from previous convictions/track record, to abuse to murder.