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Murder Detective: Episode 5 - Dean Mayley

Graham Hill in Murder Detective

Former senior Surrey detective and criminologist Graham Hill – best known for his work on the Madeleine McCann investigation - fronts brand-new true crime series Murder Detective, which takes viewers inside some of the most complex and shocking cases of recent years.

Crime+Investigation’s brand-new series, Murder Detective, produced by true crime specialists Peninsula Television, will see Hill bring his 30-year experience to provide a full 360-degree perspective on the inner workings, twists and turns of the police work in these fascinating cases.

In each episode Graham Hill sheds light on painstaking investigations through interviews with the investigation officers, as well as those most affected by the horrific murders: the family and friends of the victims.

Graham Hill pairs his detective methodology with forensic science and insider knowledge to provide true-crime fanatics with his expert understanding of how the cases were finally cracked. The episodes will also include key witness testimonies, brand-new interviews, forensic and psychological experts, and archive footage, taking viewers into the investigation to see modern crime-solving techniques at work.

In the fifth case, Hill examines the murder of Dean Mayley, an innocent man with learning difficulties who was doing his best to become an independent adult. His newly found independence saw him become the victim of a horrific attack by four teenage boys aged 17-19 in broad daylight.

In February 2014, whilst walking home alone, Dean encountered the group, who taunted, mugged, and stabbed him with such force that the knife passed through his body and came out the other side. Hill discusses the case with SIO Matt Bonner, who was motivated by a desire to bring justice for those involved in this extreme and cruel-natured crime. He waded through CCTV footage, undertook interviews, pressured prime suspects, and uncovered phone records until he found his culprits.

Hill and Bonner take us inside the committed police work and modern investigation techniques that saw Dean’s killers sentenced and punished. To this day, this case remains Matt Bonner’s most proud achievements as a police officer.

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