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Murder Detective: Episode 3 - Adrian Murphy

Criminal Communications Analyst Alexander Price
Criminal Communications Analyst Alexander Price | Image: Murder Detective

Former senior Surrey detective and criminologist Graham Hill – best known for his work on the Madeleine McCann investigation - takes viewers inside some of the most complex and shocking cases of recent years.

Crime + Investigation’s brand-new series, Murder Detective, sees Graham bring his 30-year experience to provide a full 360-degree perspective on the inner workings, twists, and turns of the police work in these fascinating cases.

In each episode, he sheds light on the painstaking investigations through interviews with the investigation officers, as well as those most affected by the horrific murders: the family and friends of the victims. Graham pairs his detective methodology with forensic science and insider knowledge to provide true crime fanatics with his expert understanding of how the cases were finally cracked.

In episode three, alongside those working closest to the case, Graham examines how Irish dance champion Adrian Murphy fell victim to the fatal intentions of Diana Cristea, 19, and her boyfriend Joel Osei, 25.

Cristea and Osei targeted victims on the gay dating site Grindr, plotting to drug them with scopolamine and strip their homes of valuables. Adrian Murphy died from a lethal dose of the drug at a Battersea flat on 4th June 2019. Two days later a second man was also drugged and robbed by the couple but survived. The discovery of Adrian’s body sparked an investigation that revealed the couple’s deadly use of scopolamine, which earned its sinister ‘Devil’s Breath’ nickname.

Hill sheds light on the investigation’s inner workings, which saw both Cristea and Murphy found guilty of Adrian Murphy’s murder.

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