Jo Frost on Britain's Killer Kids

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Episode Three: Sharon Carr

On the 7th of June 1992, 18 year old hairdresser Katie Rackliff was found brutally stabbed to death in Farnborough, Hampshire. Police assumed the ferocity of the murder which had left her body mutilated must have been committed by a man. It would take four years for the police to discover the shocking truth. Katie’s killer had in fact been a 12 year old girl called Sharon Carr.

More than two decades after this horrific crime, over 40 people contacted were still too scared and disturbed to speak about it on camera. To find out why, Jo Frost hears from crime reporter Paul Cheston and speaks to criminologist Liz Yardley, neuroscientist Dr Francesca Happe and criminal justice expert Malcolm Stevens in an attempt to understand how someone so young could become a sadistic killer.