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I Lived with a Killer: episodes

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1. Drew PetersonDrew Peterson’s son Stephen is in disbelief when his father is accused of murder in the suspicious death of his 3rd wife – and the suspicious disappearance of his 4th wife. As the media circles around the family, Stephen protects his younger siblings and is ultimately forced to face the terrible truth – could his father be guilty after all?

2. The Craigslist KillerRichard Beasley’s daughter Tonya knows that her father has a shady past. When he embraces religion, she believes he’s turned over a new leaf. But when his sinister plot turns into a murder spree, Tonya is devastated to learn that her unwitting assistance has been used in the worst way.

3. Harry ‘the Hook’ AlemanHarry Aleman’s daughter Franky stands by her father – through allegations that he is one of the Chicago Outfit’s top enforcers and throughout his trial for murder. But can she continue to stand by him, even when his second murder trial makes history?

4. The Manson FamilyCharles Manson’s so-called Family includes teenaged Dianne, seduced into the group at the tender age of 14. Dianne has a front row seat as Manson’s peace-and-love hippy philosophy becomes dark, dangerous and evil. How will she survive one of history’s most enigmatic killers?

5. The Playboy KillerAs Paul Snider’s roommate, Patti sees the devastating effect Paul’s breakup with his superstar wife – Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten – has on his crumbling ego. As Paul spirals out of control, he destroys both Dorothy’s life, and Patti’s career.

6. Sammy ‘the Bull’ GravanoSammy the Bull’s daughter Karen rides high as the daughter of one of New York’s most powerful mobsters – until it all comes crashing down. When Sammy agrees to testify for the government, his decision changes the face of organized crime in New York. But he could never predict the effect it would have on the life of his own daughter.

7. The Classified Ad RapistBobby Joe Long’s ex-wife Cindy survives years of brutal abuse at her husband’s hands – never knowing that he is also attacking dozens of women across Florida. But when a vicious serial killer begins a bloody spree in Tampa, Cindy learns the extent of the monster her ex-husband truly is.

8. The San Francisco Witch KillersMichael Bear Carson’s daughter Jenn spends her childhood on the run, when her mother realizes just how dangerous Michael and his new wife Suzan truly are. When the couple sets out to kill witches, they leave a bloody trail in their wake. Can Jenn stop it from happening all over again?

9. Donnie Brasco & Lefty GunsLefty Guns Ruggiero’s granddaughter Ramona know that life isn’t like the movies. When her grandfather’s life is made into the Hollywood film “Donnie Brasco”, she makes it her mission to set the record straight.

10. William ChoyceWilliam Choyce’s ex-wife Alice and daughter Crystal are grateful to be alive – together, they survive living with a serial killer as he descends into madness. As the extent of his crimes are slowly revealed, can they lean on each other to put the pieces of their lives back together?

11. The IcemanRichard Kuklinski’s daughters Merrick and Christin endure a childhood of terror in their father’s house.Behind the image of a happy family that Richard is obsessed with showing to the world, lies misery and fear. Merrick and Christin know that The Iceman is one of America’s most notorious and prolific killers for a reason.

12. The Grim Reaper’s ProtégéLarry Mazza’s ex-wife Christine has no idea about her husband’s true past when they marry after only a few months of dating. As the protégé to one of New York’s most dangerous gangsters, Greg Scarpa, it’s a past that’s not easy to walk away from. Can Larry escape the mob before it ruins both he and Christine’s lives?

13. John SmithJohn Smith’s third wife, Diane, can’t believe the allegations against her new husband. When the FBI claims he murdered his first two wives, Diane and her daughter Summer struggle to uncover the truth. Can the FBI convince Diane her husband is a killer before she becomes the third late Mrs. Smith?

14. Wayward WayneWayne Adam Ford’s brother Rodney has always been the rock in his life. When Wayne’s troubled history with women turns into a full-blown murder spree, he needs his brother to stop the madness.Can Rodney save his brother before anyone else gets hurt?

15. The Tourniquet KillerAnthony Shore’s daughter Tiffany knows first-hand that her father is the worst kind of monster. As Anthony prey on the youth of his neighbourhood – and even his own daughters – Tiffany’s courage to reveal the truth stops a serial killer in his tracks.

16. The Phoenix Serial ShooterDale Hausner’s brother Randy lives in fear of the random shooter stalking Phoenix at night – never suspecting the killer is his own brother. When the truth is revealed, after a year-long ordeal, Randy discovers that his brother’s darkest secrets are even darker than he could imagine.

17. Suburban dad Brian HummertBrian Hummert’s son David is devastated when his mother is found murdered – and terrified when a serial killer claims responsibility. But as the police investigation picks up steam, David realizes that the truth may be even worse. What do you do when you suspect the killer is living in your house?

18. Richard Paul WhiteRichard Paul White’s sister Maureen both loves and fears her brother. After a childhood of devastating abuse, Maureen sees there’s something not quite right with her older sibling. Are the wild, violent stories Richard tells only stories – or something more?

19. Ervil LeBaron & The Church of the Lamb of GodOne of Ervil LeBaron’s 50 children, Anna grows up in one of the most notorious polygamist cults in American history. Shuffled from family member to family member, she sees no hint of the infamous group’s violent lifestyle. But when the violence hits too close to home, Anna’s life is rocked to the core.

20. The Orlando Nightclub ShootingOmar Mateen’s ex-wife Sitora struggles to break free of her unstable husband’s abuse. But when he carries out one of the most devastating mass shootings in US history, she’s drawn into his world once again – and one again must fight to have her own voice be heard.