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I Am A Stalker: Episode Guide

John Anderson for I Am A Stalker
Image: I Am A Stalker

From the makers of I Am A Killer, I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of eight deeply disturbed individuals. They explain how their obsessive love turned to extreme criminality, ranging from stealing more than $100,000 to breaking into a house with knives, in pursuit of their victims.

The season provides unique insight into one of the fastest-rising crime phenomena worldwide, whilst setting out to debunk the myths and misunderstandings surrounding this truly devastating crime.

I Am A Stalker allows these perpetrators to tell their stories from behind bars for the first time but also – crucially - includes interviews with victim-survivors, their families, friends and detectives who worked the cases, to enable viewers to see the descent into deadly obsession from all sides.

Episode 1: Daniel Thompson - Tuesday, 18th October 9pm

This episode delves into the mind of Daniel Thompson and his deadly obsession with high school sweetheart Angie. Since they met in 1991, Daniel’s behaviour was intense; he broke into Angie’s parent's house to watch and stand over her while she slept. At just 15, Angie wrote it off as eccentric teen infatuation, and within five years, the young couple was married with kids.

Their marriage, however, became the background of physical abuse, and Daniel subjected Angie to repeated, violent attacks. Bravely, Angie escaped to a shelter. Upon discovering she was in a new relationship, he broke into her home armed with a knife.

Daniel was arrested and sentenced to eight years in jail, but only for a burglary charge. His dangerous behaviour became a pattern upon his release, as his new girlfriend, Jennifer, soon discovered. Like Angie, her attempt to cool things off was met with him breaking in armed with a knife. With Daniel at large and the pattern of his violent, controlling behaviour repeating itself, a third incident seemed tragically inevitable.

Episode 2: John Anderson - Tuesday, 25th October 9pm

From Rachel’s initial attraction to John Anderson, a whirlwind relationship ensued. Although he had a ‘wild side,’ John took an active role in raising Rachel’s young son and was even going to be a dad himself when the couple fell pregnant. All was going well for the couple until tragedy struck.

While clearing leaves on a tractor one morning, John accidentally ran over Rachel’s firstborn who died from his injuries. This awful accident caused a spiral that saw John turn to drugs and become increasingly violent. In fear for her and their child’s safety, Rachel fled.

John began texting and ringing at all hours, and his behaviour became progressively worse when she refused to return to him. John was imprisoned after following and attacking Rachel.

Episode 3: David McGee - Tuesday, 1st November 9pm

This episode explores David McGee whose violent tendencies against women would be discovered by his girlfriend Charmeka in the most frightening way.

Initially, Charmeka was charmed by David’s humour and religious background, but that changed as David grew possessive throughout their relationship. After five months of dating, in August 2009, Charmeka decided enough was enough and was ready to break up with David.

Over the next three months, he followed her to work, damaged her property and harassed her by calling and texting hundreds of times. Without substantial proof, the police were unable to charge David, so Charmeka lived in abject fear, waiting for what seemed like inevitable violence.

Just as Charmeka had given up hope, Stephanie, a firebrand prosecutor, took on her case. Determined to hold David accountable, Stephanie investigated his past and unearthed a shocking history of terrifying violence against women.

Episode 4: Jaclyn Feagin - Tuesday, 8th November 9pm

Since fewer than a quarter of convicted stalkers in the US are women, Jaclyn Feagin and Sandra’s case is statistically rare. In 2019, Jaclyn found herself in the middle of what she feared was a love triangle. Her husband, Jesse, and his ex-girlfriend, Sandra, had been messaging one another in the wake of their infant son’s death.

Fuelled by jealousy, Jaclyn set out to take revenge on the woman she believed was trying to break up her marriage. She took drastic measures, apparently targeting Sandra’s Christian faith, crafting ominous ‘occult’ objects and delivering them to Sandra’s doorstep in the dead of night.

Sandra spent months looking over her shoulder and fearing for her family’s well-being, which only got worse when she was threatened with death. When detectives decided to pick up the case, they used CCTV to reveal that Jaclyn was responsible. But it was also at this point that it became clear a second accomplice was involved, Jaclyn's mother.

Episode 5: James Corpus​​​​ - Tuesday, 15th November 9pm

The episode takes us inside the mind of James Corpus and his long-time friendship with Ashley. Although Ashley was aware James had previously been in jail, he’d since become a family friend. However, James’ mask eventually slipped. One night, Ashley returned home at 1:30am to find him in her 6-year-old son’s bedroom. Despite throwing him out he went on to steal more than $100,000 of her savings. Ashley felt betrayed and, desperate to avoid any further interaction, took out a protection order against James.

Little did she know that this wouldn’t stop James from continually harassing her until he was arrested and imprisoned. But just when Ashley thought the whole ordeal was over, she discovered her so-called best friend had seemingly attempted to put out a hit on her life.

Episode 6: Deketrice Jackson​​​​ - Tuesday, 22nd November 9pm

This episode focuses on Deketrice Jackson who was unable to deal with the rejection and displayed violent and possessive behaviour in relationships. After racking up a litany of increasingly violent adult offences, Deketrice was finally imprisoned for stalking.

She subjected a victim to a sustained and troubling campaign of harassment, that included following her to and from work, leaving her gifts and even spying on her home. Following her sentence, Deketrice is placing outright faith in God to make things different, but will she have the support and understanding she needs?

Episode 7: Terry Morrison - Tuesday, 29th November 9pm

54-year-old divorcee Sadie wasn’t expecting to build a connection with a guy like Terry Morrison. The two were opposites: Sadie, a middle-class woman of faith, contrasted Terry who had a controversial past with gangs and drugs. But despite their differences, the pair struck up a relationship and took a big step when deciding to move in together.

This apparent dream became a nightmare for Sadie when Terry turned violent. She fled and hid in fear, but Terry bombarded her with phone calls and even attempted to install tracking software on her phone.

Terry was eventually arrested and put on trial for stalking. However, detectives believe he may have played a part in the death of another woman, three years earlier.

Episode 8: Ruben Jaramillo - Tuesday, 8th December 9pm

Ruben Jaramillo was just 29 when he met 45-year-old Maria working at a care home. On the one hand, Maria’s close family questioned their unconventional relationship from the start. Despite these troubling early signs, the pair were together for several years before things began to break down.

Maria caught Jaramillo cheating and tried to end the relationship. He started self-harming whilst becoming increasingly obsessed with Maria. He wrote hundreds of letters to her; leaving them on her car, taping them to her door and posting them to family members, imploring her to continue their relationship.

Jaramillo's eccentric behaviour came to a terrifying head on the night of 26th September 2005. He drove to a shop and purchased handcuffs and a taser gun before going to Maria’s parent's house. His actions that night led to a 45-year prison sentence and multiple members of Maria's family being scarred for life.