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How to watch 'I Am A Stalker' in the UK

A prisoner sitting on the other side of the glass

In I Am A Stalker, convicted stalkers tell the world how love turned into deadly obsessions through a series of captivating, in-depth interviews.

The crime of stalking poses a greater public threat than ever before, with an estimated 13.5 million US citizens impacted by it every single year. I Am A Stalker sets out to debunk the myths and misunderstandings that surround this truly devastating crime by hearing from those that are closest to it.

From the makers of I Am A Killer, a show that was hailed by critics as ‘true crime at its most brutal, captivating and unsettling’, this brand new series takes viewers inside the minds of eight individuals who have been convicted of stalking offences. The perpetrators will tell their stories, in their own chilling words, in a thought-provoking and emotionally confrontational style.

The courageous victims who survived these shocking crimes will also get a chance to give their perspectives through separate, first-person testimonies.

I Am A Stalker covers a variety of stalking cases, including disgruntled exes, co-workers infatuated with their colleagues, and those that were virtual strangers.

When does I Am A Stalker premiere in the UK?

The first episode of I Am A Stalker aired on Crime + Investigation on Tuesday, 18th October 2022. Episode 1 covers the case of David McGee, who had grown possessive over his girlfriend and began following her to work when she broke up with him. The episode reveals how she lived in constant fear of what seemed like inevitable, impending violence as he called her hundreds of times and damaged her property.

Crime + Investigation is available on Sky 156, Sky Glass 146, and Virgin Media 209.

How can I find out about the other episodes?

You can read the I Am A Stalker episode guide here.