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Meet the podcasters: Crimepedia Q&A

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Crime+Investigation is a partner of CrimeCon UK, a new True Crime event, coming to the UK in September 2021. As part of the show, CrimeCon has gathered together your favourite True Crime podcasters in Podcast Row. Here fans will be able to meet the stars of their favourite shows in person.

In a series of Q&As, Crime+Investigation is speaking to some of the podcasters who will be attending CrimeCon in September. In this third instalment, we caught up with Morgan and Cherry from Crimepedia.

Crimepedia: Q&A

1. How would you describe your podcast in one sentence?

Morgan: It’s a crime podcast which puts the victims and family first.

Cherry: Absolutely

2. What makes your podcast stand out from the crowd?

We are co-hosts that have never actually met. Cherry is in England and Morgan is in the US. So we are able to cover crimes across the world.

3. What first sparked your interest in True Crime?

Morgan: My first introduction to true crime was being freaked out by Robert Stack on Wednesdays evenings on Unsolved Mysteries...

Cherry: Mine was similar actually, but with Crimewatch! And I was obsessed by the Krays.

4. What's your favourite part of the podcasting process?

Morgan: Mine is getting to share cases with Cherry that we’ve not discussed and get her reaction.

Cherry: It’s fun to look into cases together and pull them apart.

5. What do you think your fascination with True Crime has taught you in your personal life?

Cherry: Never walk down an alley alone. Don’t trust CCTV, its usually always the husband.

Morgan: As a husband, always have a solid alibi

6.What's your favourite episode and why?

Morgan:The 1982 murders of Annette Schnee and Bobbi Jo Oberholzer in Breckenridge, Colorado (Episodes 22-24). It was our first three-part case, so there was a lot of time and effort put into those episodes. The whole experience of making those episodes was wonderful, but seeing the case potentially solved within two months of the episodes being released made it all the more memorable.

Cherry: Yes, I’d say that was the one case we worked extremely hard on.

7. Which case that you've featured on the podcast keeps you awake at night?

For both of us, the 1956 murders of the Grimes Sisters in Chicago was one case that we continuously talked about into the early hours. It’s one we both hope will be solved.

8. What do you now know about podcasting that you wish you knew when you started?

Morgan: The time and effort it takes to make an episode. From researching to recording and sometimes it takes over your life and it’s a full-time job in itself.

9. What's one cold case you would like to see solved?

Morgan: It’s hard to choose, but if I have to choose it would be the Delphi Murders

Cherry: Of course there are lots! An English case, not a cold case, but I'd like to see the case of Stuart Lubbock solved before his father's condition worsens. The family are desperate for answers. But yes Delphi. I'd love to be able to give the family the answers they deserve.

10. What reforms are needed in the world of policing and the judicial system?

Cherry: I Think in England we need to introduce a scaled system for murder convictions like the US, So that we have degrees of murder and life sentences to mean just that.

Morgan: In the US I think we need to remove politics from the Judicial system. Especially in higher courts, the courts need to be partisan and not political.

11. What's your favourite True Crime podcast, documentary or TV series and why?

Morgan: Seeing that I went to school with Nic and the Captain from True Crime Garage, am I allowed to say anything else?

Cherry: I love a podcast, I listen all day every day and obviously other than True Crime Garage who we love, I like Anatomy of Murder and Listening to the Dead.

12. If you didn’t have a True Crime podcast, what type of podcast would you have?

Morgan: I would have a podcast dedicated to all things map.

Cherry: I would probably have a book club podcast, I love reading!

13. What are you most looking forward to at CrimeCon?

Morgan: Im looking forward to meeting our listeners and meeting other podcasters.

Cherry: Other than taking Morgan to a British pub, I can’t wait to hug Colin Sutton (If he’ll let me). And meet Lynda La Plante and Cass Sutherland.