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What's coming up in 'Cops Who Kill With Will Mellor'

Will Mellor in Cops Who Kill
Image: Cops Who Kill With Will Mellor

Cops Who Kill With Will Mellor airs Mondays at 10pm on Crime + Investigation and new episodes are released weekly on Crime + Investigation Play. The new series lifts the lid on eight cases where police officers have committed murder, revealing the twists and turns of each crime and how the perpetrators used their police training to try and escape justice.

New episodes will be released weekly on Crime + Investigation Play, the only dedicated true crime streaming service, from the same day.

Line of Duty star and true crime fan Will Mellor is joined by a team of experts to learn more and reveal the varying motives, ranging from infidelity and revenge to greed and narcissism, behind each case. These experts include ex-Metropolitan Police murder detective Howard Groves, forensic psychologist Serena Simmons and former anti-corruption cop Julie Mackay.

Speaking about the new show, Will Mellor said: ‘Cops Who Kill is a fascinating project, examining cases where the police abuse their power unforgivably and the repercussions this has across society.

‘It’s a timely series and I’m privileged to talk to experts in their fields about how we can learn from these crimes.’

Told in gripping detail and illustrated by contemporary archive footage and crime scene imagery, Cops Who Kill lays bare the tragic aftermath of murders that have destroyed families and eroded public trust.

Cops Who Kill With Will Mellor covers eight murder cases from the UK, Australia and the US. It begins by looking at the 2021 murder of 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard at the hands of Wayne Couzens, a serving member of the Metropolitan Police. The case inspired a nationwide movement of women sharing their daily fears of being out alone in public.

The other UK cases examined in the series are Madallin Jones and Alice Farquharson, both of whom were killed by their police officer husbands, as well as Karl Bluestone, who murdered his family before taking his own life.

The US cases include the two-decade-long mystery which surrounded the shooting of Sherri Rasmussen in 2009, and the vanishing of Jessie Davis that sparked a state-wide search of Ohio in 2007. The final case in the series concerns Jamie Gao, a student in Sydney who was murdered by a once ‘superstar’ police detective.

Cops Who Kill airs Mondays at 10pm on Crime + Investigation and new episodes are released weekly on Crime + Investigation Play.