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'British Injustice with Raphael Rowe': Everything you need to know

Investigative journalist Raphael Rowe is exploring some of the most shocking miscarriages of justice and wrongful convictions in recent British history in the brand-new & exclusive Crime+Investigation original British Injustice with Raphael Rowe.

Rowe, who spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, delves into two shocking cases which put innocent men behind bars in his unmissable true crime docuseries.

In 1988, Raphael Rowe was arrested for murder as one of the ‘M25 Three’. He was sentenced to life in prison, but after lengthy appeals, he was acquitted and released just over a decade later, his conviction quashed.

In this series, Rowe revisits two of the most shocking cases in criminal history. He meets those affected by the failures within the criminal justice system and takes viewers on an eye-opening, intimate journey of just what it takes to overturn a miscarriage of justice.

The first episode of the gripping two-part series revisits the wrongful arrest and incarceration of three men - the so-called ‘Cardiff Newsagent Three’ - for the tragic murder of Cardiff businessman Phillip Saunders, in 1987. Meanwhile the second episode looks at the unjust conviction of John Kamara who spent 19 years in prison for the shocking killing of Liverpool betting shop manager John Suffield, who was stabbed to death in broad daylight in 1981.

In each episode, Rowe explores the investigations that shattered the lives of the wrongfully accused and unveils the repeated failures within the British criminal justice system.

Episode One - Monday, 23rd May at 9pm

Raphael Rowe delves into the brutal murder of Cardiff newsagent Phillip Saunders in 1987. The episode examines the investigation that led to the conviction of three innocent men, which resulted in their wrongful imprisonment.

The episode reveals shocking police threats and coercion that led to the arrest and incarceration of Michael O’Brien, Ellis Sherwood and Darren Hall. After the men had spent more than a decade behind bars, a court appeal quashed the original verdict, but the unsolved case continues to haunt the city. Plus, for the first time ever, the victim’s sister and nephew break a 35-year silence and reveal exclusive insights into the case.

Episode Two - Monday, 30th May at 9pm

In 1981, betting shop manager John Suffield was viciously attacked and killed, sending shockwaves through the Toxteth community. John Kamara, a young black man, was falsely linked to the attack and convicted of murder.

Despite continuing to plead his innocence, he spent 19 years behind bars. John eventually had his conviction quashed and Rowe goes in search of answers to what led to his conviction and brings fresh scrutiny to the original trial.