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In Case You Missed It: Friday 24th November

Here is a round-up of the best new articles published on Crime + Investigation this week

Elizabeth Thomas
Image: Elizabeth Thomas | Beyond The Headlines: The Elizabeth Thomas Story

The International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2023

Taking place on 25th November 2023, the day was established by the United Nations to draw attention to one of the world’s most urgent issues.

The statistics about gendered violence gathered by the United Nations are certainly dire. One in three women and girls around the world experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most often at the hands of intimate partners. Shockingly, around 137 women are killed by a member of their own family every single day. Violence against women disproportionally affects those in low- and middle-income areas. And, wherever they happen in the world, around 60% of victims don’t seek help of any sort.

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International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women banner

Ending gender-based violence: The International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2023

The day is held on the anniversary of the murders of the Mirabal Sisters, human rights activists from the Dominican Republic

VIDEO: Can they solve this car jacking gone wrong? - The First 48

After two men are shot in their car, Gwinnett County Homicide must question witnesses to get to the bottom of this grisly case.

Ask any detective - they will tell you that if they don't have a lead, a suspect or an arrest within 48 hours, their chances of solving the case are cut in half. In a visual style that feels more like a TV drama than a reality show, The First 48 follows homicide detectives during these initial critical hours as they race against time to solve their cases. Every hour-long programme follows various detectives from select homicide teams as they track breaking cases, each with a running clock that builds pace as the 48 hours inexorably expires.

Little known serial killers

When people mention serial killers, names such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy quickly spring to mind, as their crimes were so heinous their names have been plastered all over the media.

Lurking behind the names of these infamous killers are lesser-known serial killers who did not receive the same degree of media coverage. In some cases, their crimes were so horrific the public was kept in the dark about the gruesome details.


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A height chart with a world map and a hooded figure in the foreground

Five international serial killers you may not have heard of

Lurking behind the names of these infamous killers are lesser-known serial killers who did not receive the same degree of media coverage

VIDEO: "He was a vicious manipulator" - Secrets of Playboy

Listen to the untold story of Hugh Hefner and Playboy as told by the women who made him a billionaire.

Secrets of Playboy explores the hidden realities behind the fable and philosophy of the Playboy empire through today’s lens. Four years after Hefner’s death, insiders, colleagues, executives, Playmates and employees from all levels of the brand share the full story of what life within the Playboy world was truly like. Across ten hours, the series delves into the complex world Hugh Hefner created and examines its far reaching consequences on our culture’s view of power and sexuality.

NEW SHOW: Secrets of Miss America - coming Sunday 26th November

Secrets of Miss America  delves into the long -kept secrets of America’s oldest beauty pageant, exposing the shocking scandals at its core . A cultural event once viewed by 80 million people a year, the pageant now struggles to stay relevant to a new generation of Americans whose views on beauty and sexual politics have changed drastically over the past few decades . Pageant insiders, including more than 20 former Miss Americas, are telling their stories in one documentary for the first time, giving their insights in to the true at the cost of wearing the crown and sash . The series explores the whistle blower leaked emails in 2017 exposing misogyny within the Board of Directors, claims of racism in the pageant’s history, the topic of mental health surrounding the competition and the banning of the controversial swimsuit competition. Part of America’s Dirty Secrets Season. Secrets of Miss America is available to stream on Crime+Investigation Play from 27th November.

The Miss America tiara

NEW SHOW: 'Murder In The Goldfields' starts tonight at 10pm

The Western Australian Goldfields desert can swallow you whole – vast, sparse, hot and pockmarked with abandoned mine shafts

Murder in the Goldfields investigates three baffling murders that have defied homicide detectives despite rising evidence. Ray and Jennie Kehlet went prospecting with another man... and never came back; Lisa Goven left a trail of evidence via CCTV cameras, but disappeared, and Charlie Park vanished into thin air. Why does the Kalgoorlie goldfields have more than its fair share of unsolved murders? Murder In TheGoldfields is available to stream on Crime+Investigation Play from 6th November.

Murder in the gold fields

WATCH: Who killed Jill Dando? - Crimes That Shook Britain

As host of the BBC's Crimewatch, Jill Dando thought she'd seen her fair share of horrific crimes, but she never thought she'd be directly involved in one.

However, in April 1999, an unknown killer shot her dead at point blank range. Told through the eyes of those at the heart of the crimes, Crimes That Shook Britain analyses the events that led to such atrocities before examining the devastating effects that they have left in their wake.