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FULL EPISODE: Step inside the chaos of America's infamous beauty pageant - Secrets of Miss America

Miss America is one of the largest and most profitable beauty pageants in the world

First founded over 100 years ago, the competition is meant to be the epitome of American ideals. But the sinister truth at the heart of the organisation is uncovered when there is a leak of the Board of Directors' emails. Now ex-Miss America contestants and staff members tell the inside story of one of America's most infamous institutions.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: The Prison Confessions of Gyspy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was jailed for murdering her mother, Claudine 'Dee Dee' Blanchard, in 2015.

As early as Gypsy's infanthood, Dee Dee told people Gypsy was ill in order to position herself as a selfless caregiver and loving mother. Although Gypsy lived a life of illness and bravery, her private life was filled with abuse, which contrasted starkly with her public life. As a result of Gypsy's boyfriend's shocking murder of Dee Dee, the truth began to emerge

On 'This Day in Crime' in 1945

On 3 January 1945, William Joyce AKA Lord Haw Haw, a US-born propagandist was executed at Wandsworth prison. He was the last person in British history to be hanged for treason.

Joyce became the most important propaganda broadcaster in Germany at the time, and both he and his wife were granted naturalised German citizenship on 26 September 1940. With almost as many listeners as the BBC, he gained an almost mythical status: there were claims that he could forecast bomb targets, and that he knew intimate details about target sites: in reality, because of reporting restrictions placed on the BBC by the War Office, he could sometimes scoop the official stories by a few hours, releasing details before they could be broadcast officially, but this was the extent of his ability.


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Capture of Lord Haw Haw

The jolliest criminal at Christmas

Here are just some of the crimes that Father Christmas consistently commits at this time of year:

Father Christmas. Santa Claus. Kris Kringle. Saint Nick. Papa Noël. Call him what you will, he’s the face of Christmas (sorry Jesus, but it’s true). A kindly and selfless man who works tirelessly while dedicating his life to rewarding good little boys and girls the world over with. What a guy! Come, Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will be combing his big white beard and donning one of his famous - and freshly-ironed - red suits. He’s been flying around the world and dishing out gifts for so long now, we kind of take him for granted, don’t we? We never really step back and appreciate just how much work Father Christmas puts in. Or, for that matter, just how many laws he’s prepared to break to achieve his goal. 


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A handcuffed santa

How many laws does Santa break at Christmas?

Think about it. The man commits several - not insignificant crimes - each and every year.

FEATURE: Definitive proof Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister is a psychopath

We need to talk about Kevin...McCallister. The star of Home Alone, or as I like to think of it, the prequel to Mindhunter, since Kevin is a murderer in the making.

Since 1995, Christmas cheer has become synonymous with torture and attempted murder committed by an eight-year-old in aftershave. If facing up to that spoils anyone’s Christmas memories, then that’s too bad, but the evidence is there: Kevin McCallister is a tiny child psychopath. He starts the film fighting with his brother and an entire sequel later, has yet to learn a single lesson about not trying to murder people.

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Front of The real 'Home Alone' House

Is Home Alone’s Kevin a psychopath?

Kevin McCallister is a tiny child psychopath

FEATURE: The 12 murders of Christmas

Sorry, but there’s no partridge in a pear tree to be found here. In fact, this Christmas countdown might not leave you with too much festive spirit at all.

Christmastime isn’t immune to crime. Murder doesn’t take a fortnight off at the end of December. In fact, some of the most shocking killings have happened over the Yuletide period down the years.

As we bring you our 12 Murders of Christmas, listen carefully. That noise you can hear in the background? It’s Slay bells…

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A Christmas tree with police tape

The 12 murders of Christmas

JonBenét Ramsey's Christmas murder caused an enormous storm across America

FULL EPISODE: Spears vs Spears: How the internet set Britney free - Courtroom Drama

These are moments that went down in pop culture history and resulted in celebrity court cases that had us all invested.

Join Jackie Adedeji AKA your raven-haired Elle Woods, alongside a lawyer and an expert, as we investigate the trials that dominated your timeline. We’ve read the court transcripts - so you don’t have to. Back in 2019, you couldn’t ignore the #FreeBritney movement, even if you tried. Fans and self-nominated detectives investigated their favourite pop princess for clues about the truth behind her conservatorship. Was Britney asking for help via her social media posts? Was she being held captive by her conservator? How could she be freed? Jackie is joined by barrister Grace Rose Gwynne and pop culture expert MJ Corey to revisit the trial of Spears vs Spears. In this episode they'll get into the power of fandoms, key moments from Britney’s testimony and the impact this case had on the laws around conservatorships.

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