Mills the manipulator

“This case is a case of a manipulative, aggressive, controlling, violent offender, who killed her boyfriend.”
Dr. Keri Nixon, Forensic Psychologist
Would Mills be able to manipulate the jury in the same way she’d done with Eddie, his mother and the many before them?
Her trial is set for March 2013 at Lincoln Crown Court.
The mother of two will plead that she did kill her toy boy, but that she’s not responsible. 
She claims she loved Eddie. She claims that he was the one: She claims she was going to marry him. And she weeps as she says she didn’t mean to kill him;
"I killed him but I didn't mean to kill him. I didn't want to kill him."
She states it was self-defence. She testifies that Eddie had grabbed her round the throat twice before. She alleges that this was part of a pattern of domestic violence:
“An eye witness had seen her with a black eye...I really wouldn’t be surprised if she did that to herself. That’s how devious she was.”
Dylan Rockett, Eddie’s friend

But it’s the ability of Mills to talk openly about her alleged domestic abuse, both in the court and in the past, that potentially suggests she was never the abused;
“...when she has an injury she will go round telling everybody about it, she’ll want attention. When somebody is in fear of somebody, that’s not the behaviour they exhibit...when we see domestic abuse victims...they hide it from people. They don’t show it off to people.”
Dr. Keri Nixon
Eddie’s friends and family completely reject the allegations that Eddie was violent. Her tales of Eddie stripping her naked, of strangling her with her own top and pushing her outside seem far-fetched.
The jury and judge start to see through her.
Mills claims her alleged history of sexual abuse caused her to have a dissociative episode. She says she was in this state and hearing voices when she lost control and killed her Eddie. So, out of the 24 stab wounds she inflicted, she says she only remembers delivering two.
At one point in the trial Mills tells the jury that she had previously been abducted by aliens.
The jury take just five hours to reach their verdict.
On 26 April 2013 Michelle Mills is found guilty of the murder of Eddie Miller.
The judge says her attempt to portrayal herself as a serial victim wasn’t convincing:
"You did your best to hoodwink the jury. But they saw through you."

He sentences her to life imprisonment and orders her to serve a minimum of 15 years.
As she leaves the court, she blows kisses to family members in the public gallery.