Gentle giant, Eddie Miller was brutally murdered by the older woman he loved, the manipulative and violent Michelle Mills

“Eddie isn’t here to tell his story. He was brutally murdered by the woman that he loved.”
Emma Kenny, Psychologist

Eddie Miller is born on the 30 June 1992 to mum Sara. She already has a daughter Vicky,
“We felt blessed...the fact that I was fortunate enough to have one of each is a big blessing.”
Sara Westle, Eddie’s mother

Photos capture just how happy a boy Eddie and according to Sara:

He was cheeky. He had a great sense of humour.

And his sense of humour makes him very popular,
“If you were down he’d make you laugh.”
Dylan Rockett, Eddie’s friend

But when Eddie’s just eleven years old, his parents’ divorce. He’s stays close to his dad, but lives with his mum in Eastwell, Leicestershire. The divorce brings mother and son even closer:

“He was a mummy’s boy...he would do anything for her. Absolutely anything.”
Dylan Rockett

“He was a gentle giant. He was kind, considerate, very loyal, loving.”
Emma Kenny, Psychologist

When Eddie leaves school, he gets a job as a barman at the Scalford Hall Hotel. He’s soon selected to go to college on a hotel management course.

Then, aged only 18, Eddie meets 29 year old mum of two, Michelle Mills:

“Well I kind of guessed that there was somebody on the scene because all of a sudden he was getting his hair perfect and going out with aftershave on; and making sure he had his teeth cleaned...and you were thinking, ‘oi, oi, what’s going on here?”
Sara Westle