The Arrest

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The Arrest

Mills the Murderer

Eddie is pronounced dead at the Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham.The police arrest Michelle Mills at the couple’s cottage. Eddie had moved in just two months previously.The police go to inform Sara that her son is dead. They knock on her door at 5:20am:“I can remember standing there thinking, ‘oh my goodness me, I must speak to Michelle. She must be devastated.’ It never occurred to me for one second that she would be the one that had done it. And I can remember saying to the policeman, ‘you best find the person that did this’.”Later that day, a family liaison officer informs Sara that Michelle is the killer:“Not only does Mills murder Eddie, she destroys Eddie’s mother’s life. This is a woman who believed that even though Mills was a messed up individual, she was somebody who deserved sympathy and empathy and help; and she’d given it her. And to know that that woman had ruined her son’s, and her own life, is a double betrayal.”Emma Kenny, Psychologist

Playing the victim card

But even in custody, Mills refuses to accept responsibility.She tells police she’s a victim of domestic abuse,“...she reverted back to what she’s used throughout her entire life, the victim status.”Dr. Keri Nixon, Forensic PsychologistMills is charged with Eddie’s murder. She pleads not guilty. Dr. Keri Nixon believes that Mills thought she could get away with murder. She believes Mills had tried to use her next-door neighbour Geri as a witness,“...she’s not a stupid woman...she knew that the neighbour could hear, and she would then stage her actions, thinking ahead of an alibi to get out of this. She knew what she was going to do. She was going to play the victim card.”