The Investigation

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The Investigation


Knowing the police have found their man, they need to build a watertight case to ensure this crazed killer is taken off the streets. They begin to investigate his past. Mark Phillip Dixie was born on 24 September 1970 in Streatham, London. At 18 months old, his parents separated and aged eight his mother remarried. He starts using cannabis from 14 and not long after this at 16, his criminal record begins. In 1986 his first crime is to rob a woman in Stockwell. He puts a knife to her throat, demands money and gropes her. He’s sentenced to six weeks detention. Aged 17, and after the birth of his stillborn son, he attacks a Jehovah's Witness, hitting her in the face he then attempts to rape her. Police uncover that Dixie has been apprehended for burglary, robbery, indecent assault and exposure over a seven year period. During the early 90’s his trail goes cold in the UK. It becomes clear to police that he’s a very dangerous man. What they don’t yet realise is how prolific Dixie has been, not only in Britain, but across the world.

AUSTRALIAIn 1993 he moves with his partner Sandra Beckhaus to Australia. They have two children. In 1996 the Claremont serial killer strikes in which three young women, all blonde, are murdered. One girl has her handbag stolen and another is bitten. Dixie is linked to the case, as it holds several similarities with Sally Anne’s murder. However the authorities clear him of any involvement. In 1998, a young Thai student living in Perth is stabbed eight times by a brutal monster that breaks into her home. Convinced she is dying he rapes her leaving a vital DNA sample that will later confirm his identity as Mark Dixie. He’s finally deported from Australia due to another sex crime, where yet again he indecently exposes himself to a female jogger and asks her to perform a sex act. Regrettably, offences in Australia are not passed on to the British authorities.

CROYDONBy 2003 Dixie is back in Croydon, with Stacey Nivet and their baby son, after living in Spain for a short time. They move into 36 Blenheim Crescent and remain there until 2004. Police discover that Stacey has a strained and stormy relationship with Dixie. His habitual drug taking is spiralling out of control, which leaves him very moody and aggressive. Arguing constantly Stacey finds he gets extremely angry at the slightest thing. She recalls that while high on drugs Dixie would bite her on the neck after rough sex. On 1 September 2005, Stacey has enough and leaves him.BIRTHDAYDixie celebrates his 35th birthday with friends. Hoping this may be his chance to patch things up with Stacey he asks her to join the party. When she refuses he’s furious. He continues his drink and drugs binge. His friends comment that despite usually being the life and soul of the party, this episode has aggravated him and brought on a mood swing. The next day he murders Sally Anne Bowman.