Justice for the Nickell's

In August 2008, Colin Stagg receives record compensation and recognition of the fact that he was always innocent. One of the first things he does is give £5000 to a wounded veteran’s charity. He still lives in the same council house on the Alton estate, except now, he can afford to buy it. And he still likes to take his dog, Jessie, for a walk. But now he likes to sometimes walk with him around historic sites, and now he can drive himself, the dog, and his new girlfriend, Terri, in his newly acquired shiny, black 4x4.
No one from the police is ever disciplined or sacked as a result of the police’s failings.
All charges of professional misconduct were dismissed against Paul Britton in October 2002.
But Scotland Yard dramatically change their tactics and their use of specialists, meaning that some now claim that it has the most effective way of investigating murder anywhere in the world.
‘I can still see the knife in the killer’s hand and my mother covered in blood’
Alex Hanscombe, remembering the murder 18 years later
Alex spent years suffering from nightmares. The trauma is so great, he can’t share them with the police, his psychologists or his father, Andre. To escape the media, Andre takes him first to France just a few months after the murder, and then to a small village in Spain, where they settle. Andre hires a female tutor but the lack of a mother is too great and Alex often takes his anger out on Andre. But after an understandably troubled adolescence, Alex has settled down.
But Alex is given what his grandparents consider a ‘derisory’ amount by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for the loss of his mother. His grandparents are further hurt by their grandson’s distance as he is their last living reminder of their daughter. They have not seen him since he was eight.
‘…the pain remains with you every minute of every day...We hope the man who committed the crime will spend the rest of his life in prison. That is the sentence he has given us.’
-Monica Nickell
Robert Napper has been remanded in Broadmoor Hospital indefinitely. He is suspected of carrying out 106 rapes, indecent assaults and other sex offences. But he refuses to admit to anything for which there is no forensic evidence. His mother has disowned him and has burnt every family photo she had of him.
His youngest victim, Jazmine Bissett would now be in her twenties.