August 2003 University sweethearts, Neil and American -born Rachel Souza marry in the US
April 2005 The couple’s daughter Lillian is born. They relocate to the US shortly after
Jan 2006 Entwistle views a Web site describing how to kill people. He also searches the internet on how to commit suicide, how to kill someone with a knife and euthanasia
20 Jan 2006 Rachel Entwistle, and 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose are shot at their Hopkinton home, Boston, USA
21 Jan 2006 Neil Entwistle leaves his home in Boston, USA and flies to his parents’ home in England
22 Jan 2006 The bodies of Rachel and Lillian Rose are discovered by the police
1 Feb 2006 The funeral for Rachel and Lillian is held
8 Feb 2006 Entwistle is arrested by the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit at the Royal Oak tube station in London
15 Feb 2006 Entwistle is flown back to the United States after he waives his right to fight extradition in England
28 March 2006 A Middlesex grand jury indicts Entwistle of two counts of murder, the illegal possession of a firearm and the illegal possession of ammunition
June 2008 Neil Entwistle stands trial for murders of his wife and child

25 June 2008 Entwistle is found guilty of double murder

June 26 2008 Entwistle is formally sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole