With a loving wife and new baby daughter at his side, handsome and successful and living the American dream, it looked to the outside world as if Neil Entwistle had it all. But he was living a lie.

“Getting married to the most amazing woman in the world this summer: Rachel. We met through rowing. She was my cox, I her stroke! She’s from the good ol’ US. “
Neil Entwistle on friendsreunited.com, 2003
Source: Jonathan Raban, Just Two Clicks, The Virtual Life of Neil Entwistle
Neil Entwistle is born in September 1978 to parents Cliff and Yvonne. His home is working class, his father works as coal miner and his mother as a cook at a school cafeteria.
He lives with his family near Nottingham and attends the University of York receiving a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. While at university he meets Rachel Souza and they marry on 23 August 2003 in Massachusetts, US. They live in Worcestershire where two years later their daughter Lillian is born. Neil Entwistle works in IT and Rachel as a teacher of English at St Augustine's Catholic High School in nearby Redditch.
After emigrating to the United States later that year, the couple stay with Rachel's mother and stepfather, Priscilla and Joseph Matterazzo, in Carver, Massachusetts before finding a house of their own.
It is in this rented house in the small town of Hopkinson where the horrific double murder of Rachel and her daughter Lillian Rose plays out. Family and friends speak about how the Entwhisles were the perfect family. Nothing hinted at the horror that was to come.
Neil Entwisle did not appear to be someone capable of double murder. Prior the events on the 20 January 2006, he seems to have led a crime-free life. Prosecutors at his trial for the murders would speak about his debt, failing online businesses and visiting escort sites as possible motives for the crimes. Commentators on the crimes wonder if Entwistle would kill his way out of his problems.