“Sometimes you just don’t know why … No “why” would really explain this. There is no why.”
Lead prosecutor, Michael Fabbri talking about Neil Entwistle’s possible motive for double murder. Jonathan Raban: Two Clicks, the life of Neil Entwistle
With the excitement of moving into their own home, Rachel Entwistle was looking forward to the weekend; her plans were to play host to her mother and her best friend. Full of anticipation, Rachel speaks with her mum, Priscilla, on the evening of 19 June 2006. It was the last time anyone has contact with Rachel. Within 24 hours, both she and her baby daughter would be dead.
Unable to get a reply, the frustrated visitors alert the police who visit the Entwistle house. Remarkably, they find nothing. When they return a day later they make a grim discovery: lying on the bed in top floor bedroom as if asleep, are Rachel and Lillian Rose.
A single gunshot to the head ends Rachel’s life. Lillian has sustained a fatal gunshot to the abdomen. Poignantly, it seems Lillian was killed as she was being cradled by her mother.
There are no signs of a murder weapon, an intruder or motive. The unexplained murders of the mother and child are among the most mysterious in American criminal history. The newspaper headlines talk of the horror of a slain mother and daughter.
By the time the bodies are discovered by the police, Neil Entwistle has flown thousands of miles away travelling to his parents’ home in England.