On 14 November 1975, Gaskins, now aged 42, is arrested after a criminal colleague, Walter Neely, tells police he’s seen Gaskins kill two men.
Gaskins downfall was involving other people. The first is Walter Neely. He needs Neely’s help in disposing of a van in which Gaskins has killed three people.
Gaskins then decides to make some money out of his serial killing, and becomes a killer for hire. A woman hires him to kill her former lover. Diane Neely lures the target out so that Gaskins can kidnap him. Two others are involved in the murder and burial of the body.
Diane Neely and her boyfriend try to blackmail Gaskins over the murder, little realising that he’s a psychopathic serial killer. He says he’ll meet them to give them the money. Instead, he murders them.
Two locals also have little sense of the true nature of their victim when they steal from Gaskins. They’re also killed.
He enlists Walter Neely to help bury the pair.
Meanwhile, another of Gaskins former kills leads police to search his apartment. The victim’s clothes are found. And Neely is also brought in for questioning. He soon confesses everything.
Gaskins says he’s involved in the murders of many of those reported missing and indicates where he’s buried them.
On 4 December, 1975, Gaskins takes police to some land he owns.
The police find eight of his victims.