Cregan was responsible for the worst police killing in a generation.

One-eyed killer Dale Cregan’s distinctive face is etched into the collective British consciousness due to the double murder of two policewomen in September 2012. But he was well known and feared by locals in Tameside, Greater Manchester, for several years before then. Cregan had a physically intimidating presence and was an acquaintance of two families - the Shorts and the Atkinsons - who'd had a long-running and bitter dispute. Simmering tensions came to a head on the night of 10 May 2012, when Cregan (then aged 28) and two other men, Luke Livesy and Damian Gorman - aka Scarface - pulled up in a car outside The Cotton Tree Inn pub in Droylsden. Stunned pub-goers saw a man wearing a balaclava enter the building. He shot 23 year old amateur boxer Mark Short, and three other men, before fleeing. Short, a father of one, died at the scene in his father David’s arms. This attack triggered a nationwide manhunt and led to two more incidents which would see three others lose their lives.