A self-confessed serial killer, known variously as ‘The Terminator’, ‘The Beast of Ukraine’ and ‘Citizen O’, he was a former forestry student who embarked on a seven-year killing spree. The majority of the murders were conducted in a brief period of three months, from late December 1995 to late March 1996. Eventually caught, Anatoly Onoprienko admitted to 52 murders, boasting about being the world’s best serial killer. He was spared the death sentence and imprisoned for life.

Born on 25 July 1959 in Laski, in the Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine. Whilst still young, Onoprienko’s mother died and he was sent to an orphanage whilst his brother remained at home with their father.

Onoprienko later claimed that he still felt anger over this injustice and said that it was around this time he began hearing voices in his head, telling him about horrifically violent things. Somewhat of a drifter, Onoprienko had at one time been a seaman and had also studied forestry.