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The best true crime podcasts hosted by women

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Diana Safieh co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister Randa. Check out the Switchblade Sisters Social Club, a podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears, for your entertainment. In this guest article for Women's History Month, Diana talks us through the best true crime podcasts that are either hosted by women or about female killers.

In celebration of Women's History Month, here are some true crime podcasts hosted by phenomenal women. Oh, and also some podcasts about some absolutely horrendous women. Hopefully, it will be clear which is which!


Alaina Urquhart, an autopsy technician, and Ash Kelley, a hairstylist, blend humour with serious crime discussions, including paranormal and folklore elements. Morbidis a podcast that's like a spooky sleepover with your best ghoul-friends, with tales as dark as your ex's heart. They're part-time comedians and full-time grave enthusiasts. It's like if your favourite true crime book and a stand-up comedy routine had a baby, and that baby was obsessed with forensics.

Crime Noir

Created by Candice Gaines, Crime Noir focuses on underreported true crime stories affecting Black victims. Listening to this podcast is like sitting in a dimly lit, smoky room where the stories are as rich as the velvet curtains, and the humour is as dry as the martinis. Get stuck into a series of baffling mysteries, narrated with a wit that's sharper than a criminal's switchblade. So, put on your trench coat, pour yourself a stiff drink, and tune in to Crime Noir.

In The Dark

Madeleine Baran hosts In The Dark, an investigative podcast known for its critical look at the criminal justice system and specific, impactful cases. Previously the recipient of the Peabody, Polk and duPont Awards, this is the podcast equivalent of wandering through a haunted house with only a candle, except the ghosts are real and they're criminally inclined. Each episode is like a campfire story session, if the campfire was in an abandoned prison and the stories were about the unsolved and the unjust.

It's Always The Husband

Sarah and Megan are two friends, with husbands (for now), who are also co-workers. Together they share their love of true crime TV shows, like Forensic Files, Betrayed and Cold Case Files. Their obsession with true crime stories, either from TV or podcasts, seems to cement their theory that it is always the husband. Join them on It's Always The Husband for a fascinating and humorous look at buffoon husbands, their crimes, and the crazy day-to-day lives of the co-hosts.

Killer Stories Podcast

Hosted by Bobbie Holmes, the Killer Stories Podcast brings real-life stories of murder, disappearances, and cold cases. This podcast is like a bedtime story for your inner, slightly twisted sleuth. Each episode is a wild ride through the most bizarre and bloodcurdling tales. Imagine cosying up with a blanket and a warm cup of something as you're guided through tales that are absolutely chilling.

True Crime University

This isn't your typical alma mater, unless your school mascot was a magnifying glass and your major was Murder 101. True Crime Universityoffers a syllabus filled with the criminally insane and the insanely criminal, all narrated by Professor Debby, a host with enough charm to make even the grimmest facts feel like pop quiz fun. Each episode is like a lecture you actually want to attend, diving into the psychology, history, and mystery of true crime. So, grab your notepad and your nightlight; class is in session, and it's a killer!

Tales from the Chesterfield

Let’s dive into the delightfully eerie world of Canada's favourite true crime podcast, Tales from the Chesterfield, led by Kayla Wedgewood and Alysia Michaud. Kayla, a tattoo aficionado and connoisseur of all things creepy, artfully narrates the stories with a flair for the macabre. Meanwhile, Alysia, the girly girl with a penchant for the peculiar, sprinkles each episode with her unique blend of whimsy and wonder. Together, they tackle the most haunting unsolved mysteries and spine-chilling tales from the Great White North, all with a side of humour and friendship. Join them as they venture into the world of the unknown, one Canadian mystery at a time!

The Village

The Village highlights the important plight and stories of murdered transgender women, focusing on discrimination and neglect in case investigations. During the early '90s, amidst the devastating AIDS epidemic, Montreal's vibrant nightlife emerged as a haven for the gay community. However, a sinister threat lurked not-so-far beneath, as bodies began to be found brutally murdered in hotels, parks, and their residences, escalating a fear beyond the health crisis. With the police slow to acknowledge a serial killer's presence, a courageous band of queer activists took matters into their own hands. Connecting the dots, they ignited a movement that would profoundly alter countless lives. All of this is chronicled by host Francis Plourde, as he delves into the darkness that once overshadowed Montreal's streets.

Coffee and Cases Podcast

The Coffee and Cases Podcast, hosted by Allison Williams and Maggie Damron, is like a caffeine kick to your curiosity. Imagine your favourite cosy coffee shop, but instead of overhearing mundane chit-chat about the weather, you're eavesdropping on tales of intrigue and deceit. As you sip your cup of joe, they'll unpack tales that are darker than a French roast and more twisted than a barista's moustache.

The Clearing

The Clearing brings you the story of April Balascio, daughter of a potential serial killer, as she discovers her father's dark secrets and cooperates with the police. The unique perspective of a killer’s family member makes this case especially harrowing. April's journey is as riveting as it is terrifying, narrated with a bravery that's commendable and a family history that's, well, less Hallmark and more Halloween. The hosts unpack this macabre mystery with sensitivity and a slight wink to the absurdity of it all, reminding you that sometimes the scariest stories are found in our own family tree. It's like a therapy session where the skeletons in the closet are real, and you're just hoping they don't RSVP for the next family reunion!

Well, there you have it. A bunch of women-focused podcasts. Whether we are the hosts, the survivors, the victims or the perpetrators, it is clear women are absolute badasses - just sometimes in a criminal way.