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The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard: What's happened so far?

Gypsy Rose surrounded by social media comments about her
Image: The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard is an exclusive documentary series that covers one of the most widely debated crimes of the 21st century. The show sees Gypsy Rose Blanchard tell her story from inside prison. For the first time, on the eve of her parole hearing, she explains what really happened and why.

Across the six-episode run, viewers learn all about her life and the events that led to the violent murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

What has happened so far?

Each episode includes exclusive interviews with Gypsy Rose and with the first four already airing in the UK, viewers have been treated to some shocking revelations and allegations. These include the claims that her grandfather molested her when she was nine years old and that she was chained to her bed as a punishment for trying to run away from home.

Gypsy Rose also detailed the time she tried to kill Dee Dee before the actual murder. After her mother discovered she was planning to run away a second time, the two had a serious argument. The confrontation resulted in Gypsy Rose grabbing Dee Dee’s gun and firing it multiple times. However, she didn’t realise that it was just a BB gun which caused no significant injuries.

What are the viewers saying?

Unsurprisingly, the show has caused a lot of discussion online, with engaged viewers taking to social media to voice their opinions.

There have been a lot of people who feel sympathetic towards Gypsy Rose, largely because of the level of abuse she experienced. One commenter expressed, ‘What this kid went through was horrific…I do think her mum would have ended up killing her in the end.’

Comment from Crime + Investigation viewers

This sentiment was echoed by another viewer who described Dee Dee as ‘evil’ and said that she destroyed her daughter’s life.

Others have taken a more hopeful view of the case and say they wish Gypsy Rose could live a somewhat normal life after serving her time. A comment from one account said they ‘hope she’s able to get a fresh start and a real chance at life’, while another simply stated, ‘I hope she finds happiness.’

Comment from Crime + Investigation viewers

Finally, there's a large portion of people online who have expressed disbelief that Gypsy Rose was ever jailed. One viewer commented, '[She] should never have been jailed after what she went through.' However, Gypsy Rose herself admitted that she wouldn't have been able to slip straight back into society after being freed from her childhood experiences. Instead, she needed the time in prison to process everything that had happened.

Comment from Crime + Investigation viewers

What is still to come?

The final two episodes of The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard air on Crime + Investigation at 9pm and 10pm on Monday, 29th January.

The conclusion of the series looks at Gypsy Rose and Nicholas Godejohn’s dramatic arrest, as well as their time in the interrogation room and court. In the interviews, Gypsy Rose recalls how she originally thought they’d get away with the murder but then quickly realised the truth. She eventually pled guilty to second-degree murder, avoiding a trial and potentially life in prison. However, she did testify against Godejohn who was found guilty of first-degree murder.

In a contrasting theme, the episodes also document how Gypsy Rose fell in love with Ryan Anderson, who first wrote to her while she was in prison. The couple swiftly got married but are planning to have a bigger, more traditional wedding upon her release. The series builds towards an ending where Gypsy Rose prepares to find out the result of her parole application and whether she’ll be released early or need to serve her full sentence for two more years.

The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard is also available on demand to Sky and Virgin customers, as well as to stream on Crime + Investigation Play.