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How to watch 'The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan' in the UK

Rod Covlin and Piers Mogan
Image: Rod Covlin was convicted of murdering his estranged wife | The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan

The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan grants unprecedented access to eight of the most infamous murderers in the US. Featuring some of the nation’s most fiercely contested cases, all of these convicted killers are behind bars and have one thing in common; they insist they are innocent.

Piers Morgan, the divisive journalist and broadcaster, conducts close-quarters interviews with each of the killers, giving them a chance to tell their side of the story. Can they convince him they’re innocent?

Interviews include Christopher Porco, Robert Spahalski, Kimberly Saenz, Karl Karlson, Matt Baker, Danny Pelosi, Rod Covlin and Levi King.

When is The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan on in the UK?

The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan airs Mondays at 9pm on Crime + Investigation.

Crime + Investigation is available on Sky 156, Sky Glass / Stream 142 and Virgin Media 133.

Will The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan be available on demand?

This eight-episode series is available on demand to Sky and Virgin customers, as well as streaming on Crime + Investigation Play.

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and at the low monthly cost of £4.99 thereafter. Subscribers can also choose to pay annually for a fee of £29.99.

Crime + Investigation Play is also available across Amazon Prime Video Channels, YouTube Primetime Channels and Apple TV Channels in the UK, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.