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Crime + Investigation Play - What to watch in October 2023

CI Play Highlights - October 2023 - Secrets of Penthouse

Crime + Investigation Play is the only dedicated true crime streaming service, allowing subscribers to watch over 1,000 hours of true crime content on the go. Binge on British originals like Murdertown, Judge Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets and Cops Who Kill with Will Mellor, as well as hit US series such as Meet, Marry, Murder, The First 48 and Homicide Hunter.

Brand new content is being added every single month to keep you up to date with all the latest true crime shows. Check out what's coming to Crime + Investigation Play in October 2023.

Secrets of Playboy

Returning for a second series, Secrets of Playboy is exploring more hidden truths behind the Playboy empire. Once again, the show delves into the complex world created by Hugh Hefner and examines its far-reaching consequences on our culture’s view of power and sexuality.

Unravelling the glamorous mythology created by the brand over several decades, Secrets of Playboy features archival footage and exclusive interviews with insiders from all facets of the Playboy world, many sharing their stories for the first time.

The second season of Secrets of Playboy will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 30th October. All episodes from season one are streaming now.

Secrets of Penthouse

Secrets of Penthouse explores the epic rags-to-riches and back-to-rags story of porn impresario Bob Guccione. His is a saga that stretches across four decades of American history and is told from the inside by the family who plotted against him and left him with nothing.

This series features brand-new interviews with members of the Guccione family and former Penthouse Pets. Also included are sections of an unfinished documentary that Guccione was making about his life. The show tells viewers everything they could ever need to know about the man who built a multi-million-dollar publishing empire but ultimately ended up with nothing.

Secrets of Penthouse will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 30th October.

Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence

This brand-new series uses unique visuals to reveal crimes where the smoking gun is a piece of evidence that could only be found by the most contemporary investigation tools. From the killer who was found because he used a smart speaker to play music at a crime scene, to the murder that was solved by a smartwatch which tracked the victim’s steps, this series will tackle crime in a cutting-edge way.

Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Wednesday, 11th October.

Somebody’s Hiding Something

When the leads dry up and a case goes cold, there’s only one thing that keeps investigators going – the hunch that Somebody’s Hiding Something.

In this US documentary series, viewers join detectives as they search for the person who holds the clue that will finally blow the case wide open. Investigators go through every detail and discrepancy to uncover the motive for murder – as well as the reason for suppressing the vital piece of evidence.

Season two of Somebody’s Hiding Something will be available to stream on Tuesday, 10th October. All episodes of the first season are streaming now.

Sleeping With Death

A compelling, edge-of-your-seat new series, Sleeping With Death recounts some of the most bizarre and crazy murders in which someone wakes up to a dead body. Although the night before brought calmness, the morning can sometimes bring panic and deception. Was it the person sharing a home with the victim or was there an unknown visitor in the night?

With access to lead investigators, key witnesses and those closest to the victims, the series uncovers the secrets behind each shocking murder.

Sleeping With Death will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Thursday, 5th October.

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and at the low monthly cost of £3.99 thereafter. Subscribers can also choose to pay an annual fee of £29.99.

Crime + Investigation Play is also available across Amazon Prime Video Channels and Apple TV Channels in the UK, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.