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Crime + Investigation Play - What to watch in June 2024

Image: Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up

Crime + Investigation Play is the only dedicated true crime streaming service, allowing subscribers to watch over 1,000 hours of true crime content on the go. Binge on British originals like Cops Gone Bad, Murdertown and Crimes That Shook Britain, as well as hit US series such as Meet, Marry Murder, The First 48 and Homicide Hunter.

Brand new titles are being added every single month to keep you up to date with all the latest true crime shows. Check out what’s coming to Crime + Investigation Play in June 2024.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up

Through exclusive access to Gypsy Rose Blanchard after her release from prison in December 2023, this new documentary series witnesses the story of her life, the events that led to her mother’s murder, and what is happening next.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up follows her new start on the outside and her challenges of navigating life and relationships while also facing the consequences of her past. Gypsy, now 32 years old, reveals details about the full extent of her abuse, the depth of control by her mother, her earlier attempts to escape and her relationship with Nicholas Godejohn.

Exclusive interviews with Gypsy and those closest to her – including family, friends and her husband – will contextualise the impact a life of manipulation has had on her and how that will affect her future.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 10th June.

The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

June 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and the beginning of the ‘Trial of the Century’. O.J. Simpson’s proclaimed innocence has been the subject of scrutiny for years, this series explores the story which has often been missing – Nicole’s.

Her story will be told as her three sisters and her closest friends come forward to share her truth. Each of them grapples with the loving and haunting memories they shared and the future they never had.

To better understand Nicole’s murder, her past will finally come into focus. A kaleidoscope of perspectives piece together the events and reveal a family that realises her murder is just one chapter of a much more chilling saga.

The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 17th June.

Prison Brides

Prison Brides follows seven women from around the world who believe they have found their soulmates in the most unexpected of places: American prisons. While they started off as prison pen pals, these women fell hard and found themselves willing to risk it all for love.

The docuseries follows the women as they travel from their homes to meet their prisoner partners and chart their futures together. With the couples facing harsh judgement from friends, family and strangers, the brides grapple with uncertainty. Will true love prevail for these star-crossed lovers with the odds stacked against them?

Green Eyed Killers

Green Eyed Killers tells the stories of ordinary people who came to extraordinary ends, all because jealousy arrived into their lives, uninvited and all-encompassing.

This series will detail the dramatic happenings and adversities of the victims, many of whom suffered life-changing experiences. With a jealous partner, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or innocently cultivating a relationship can lead to violent acts with horrific consequences.

The third series of Green Eyed Killers will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Thursday, 6th June. The first two series are available to stream now.

Crime + Investigation Boxsets

It’s not just brand-new shows that are available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play. Curl up with a boxset and watch all of the best new Crime + Investigation shows.

Boxsets include:

- Murdertown

- Judge Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets

- Cops Who Kill

- Murder Detective

- #TextMeWhenYouGetHome


- Court Cam

- Witness To Murder

- Women On Death Row

- Body In The Suitcase

- Bubble & Squeak Murder

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and at the low monthly cost of £4.99 thereafter. Subscribers can also choose to pay annually for a fee of £29.99.

Crime + Investigation Play is also available across Amazon Prime Video Channels, YouTube Primetime Channels and Apple TV Channels in the UK, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.