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Key Fred & Rose West witness Caroline Roberts dies

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Caroline Roberts, a former nanny who was abducted and abused by Fred & Rose West, has died at the age of 61.

Roberts was hitch-hiking as a teenager when she was picked up by the couple and subjected to sexual assaults by Fred West while serving as the couple's live-in nanny.

After the couple were eventually arrested, Ms Roberts served as a key witness for the prosecution.Fred West killed himself before the start of the trial, while his wife was convicted of 10 murders and remains in prison to this day.

Speaking about her passing, family friend Andy Jones told BT: "She was always a very brave, caring, much-loved lady and mother who had survived appalling torture and abuse at the hands of evil serial killers Fred andRose West,

Caroline would never shy away from telling her traumatic life story and always felt a strong sense of guilt that she survived whilst many others did not.

When several bodies were discovered buried in the back garden of their Gloucester home in 1994, a media furor surrounded Fred & Rose West after it was learned that most of their victims – which included two of their own children - died following episodes of sadistic rape and torture. Whilst Fred was first held accountable as the instigator, we highlight new information which uncovers Rose as a cold blooded killer single handedly guilty of several murders of her own.

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