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Bad Medicine by Charlotte Bismuth

Crime+Investigation is giving away a copy of Bad Medicine: Catching New York’s Deadliest Pill Pusher by Charlotte Bismuth.

About the Book

Bad Medicine: Catching New York’s Deadliest Pill Pusher is former prosecutor Charlotte Bismuth’s gripping account of the case of Dr. Li, the first doctor in New York State to be convicted for homicide based upon the overdose deaths of his patients. It’s a rare look from a tenacious female prosecutor who reveals a committed but overwhelmed legal system trying to bring a dangerous doctor to justice—even when they’re as callous and deadly as Dr. Stan Li.

Dozens of people in Queens, New York lined up outside of Dr. Stan Li’s weekend ‘pain clinic’ every weekend to get their Oxycodone, Xanax, and other controlled substances, in exchange for cash. From 2008-2011, Li sold more than 21,000 prescriptions for nearly half a million dollars. During this time, the clinic turned deadly: 16 of Li’s patients died of opioid-related overdoses. Later, just as prosecutors uncovered the first fatalities, one of Li’s addicted patients murdered four innocent peopl, increasing the urgency of the case.

Li dodged scrutiny until a whistle-blower, in the form of a brave overdose survivor and former patient, stepped forward to alert the authorities, triggering a ground-breaking and arduous investigation. Bismuth, whose team investigated and prosecuted Li, meticulously recounts from personal recollections, trial transcripts and court documents the exhaustive work that resulted in the doctor’s landmark manslaughter conviction. During the trial, Bismuth’s personal life was falling apart: her divorce, depression, and custody battles served as a counterpoint to the hard-won victories in the courtroom but the emotional pain of Li’s victims kept Bismuth going and the quest for justice gave her life new meaning.

Discover a focused lens on the sprawling opioid problem and recognize the legal challenges in pursuit of a perpetrator who is indifferent to the destruction in their wake. At the dawn of a new decade, as the opioid crisis continues unabated, readers of Bad Medicine will find a gritty, honest, and ground-level account from a prosecutor and her team seeking justice —and the personal challenges of keeping things together when the world is falling apart.