Lindy Chamberlain convicted of murdering her daughter in Australia

Two years previously, New Zealand born mum, Lindy Chamberlain went on a camping trip with her Seven Day Adventist husband, Michael Chamberlain and their three children. During the night, Lindy reported that a dingo had taken their nine week old daughter Azaria.

Her bloody clothes were discovered confirming that something untoward had occurred. Australia’s “Trial of the Century” ended, however, with the decision that her mother had slit her throat and disposed of the body.

Four years later another piece of Azaria’s clothing was found close to a dingo lair. Crucially, it was a piece of clothing that the police always maintained Lindy had made up. Having had to give birth to her fourth child in prison, five days later, Lindy was released from her life imprisonment.

Tragically, there have been more fatal dingo attacks since Azaria. More recently, Lindy Chamberlain offered comfort to Kate McCann, the mother of disappeared Madeleine McCann, who was also falsely accused of murdering her child and disposing of the evidence.