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Kimveer Gill kills Canadian student and then shoots himself

A photograph of a video game controller


"Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime". These are the thoughts and words of Kimveer Gill, who proved his pop philosophy with the act of fatally shooting one student and then himself. "Pathetic in life... even less in your miserable death", was typical of the website posthumous posting put on his blog.

Why, on this Wednesday in 2006, he suddenly snapped, and why he selected the school he did, and the girl he shot, remains a mystery.

An Indian immigrant to Canada, outwardly Kimveer seemed a generous and likeable character. Inwardly, he was mentally deteriorating and slowly descending into a paranoid and suicidal state. Unfortunately, this troubled young man had received military weapons training, enabling him to make his sad and sick view of society, a reality.

There was no reason he picked the school he did to make his killing ground, as police later found he had a number of other potential targets. He injured 19 others as he began firing randomly. When the police arrived, he was shot in the arm and then turned his gun on himself.

He was buried on the same day as his sole tragic victim, 18-year-old Anastasia de Sousa.