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What the Killer did Next: Episodes

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Episode 1: Helen Bailey

Renowned children’s author Helen Bailey was reported missing by her fiancé Ian Stewart after she had not been seen for four days. There had been no sign of her or her beloved Dachshund Boris in hometown Royston, Hertfordshire or at their holiday home in Kent. As a missing person investigation intensified, Ian carried on with life as normal, even going on a holiday that he and Helen had booked together, buying an Arsenal season ticket on Helen’s credit card, and increasing monthly bank transfers from Helen’s account to their joint account. The police strongly suspected Ian, so arrested and questioned him, but still couldn’t find Helen’s body, which stalled the investigation. As they were coming to the end of their extensive search of Helen and Ian’s home, a neighbour asked if they had checked a cesspit in the garage. Soon police made the gruesome discovery of Helen’s body, and that of her faithful dog. Police bodycam footage of the first time Ian was arrested shows him twice asking his son whether the garage door is closed – a seemingly innocuous detail rendered chilling when his reasons for asking are revealed.

Episode 2: Saima Khan

Mother of four Saima Khan was stabbed to death in the hallway as she returned to her home late at night. Police arrive at the residential street in Luton and are met by her distraught younger sister Sabah who discovered the bloodied body of her older sister. Sabah explains her version of events, all documented via police body camera, leading investigators to believe the murder may have been the result of a botched burglary. Sabah is then interviewed by police where she claims Saima was having an affair. Following the interview, the police investigation finds a significant twist in the tale – it was Sabah who had been having a four-year-long affair with Saima’s husband Hafeez. When Hafeez called off their relationship Sabah grew increasingly jealous and after Hafeez revealed that he, Saima and their children were moving out of the family home, she looked at ways of getting rid of her sister. With time counting down until her sister and Hafeez moved, Sabah plotted her murder and opportunistically chose a day the rest of the family were at a funeral. Sabah then lured Saima home, stabbing her 68 times before staging the burglary.

Episode 3: Geoff Seggie

Geoff Seggie was reported missing by his youngest son and ex-wife. When police knocked down the door at his home in Mackworth, Derbyshire, they discovered he had been brutally murdered in his home. Enquiries revealed his eldest son Daniel, with whom he lived, was nowhere to be seen, and Geoff’s car was missing. Using CCTV, police investigators followed Daniel movements in the immediate aftermath of his father’s murder where he stayed in his home for two days with Geoff’s undiscovered body as Daniel went about his usual business including eating a Chinese takeaway in the house, heading to A&E to have his cut finger tended to, visiting McDonald’s for dinner and pretending to be Geoff by texting his brother and mother from his dad’s phone. After two days Daniel went on the run with Geoff’s car and remained so for seven days as he travelled across to Cardiff and then Glasgow. Police eventually found Daniel in Glasgow after he contacted his girlfriend Zoe telling her his whereabouts. In the ensuing police interviews, Daniel offered no explanation for stabbing his father 60 times and striking him with a hammer on more than 20 occasions before pleading guilty to murder in court. The reason and motive as to why Daniel killed Geoff remain unsolved.

Episode 4: Bei Carter

Hotelier Bei Carter was found dead in her Bridlington guest house by her husband Terry. With only three guests at the hotel, two of whom were accounted for at the time of the murder, police attention turned to John Heald, who had just checked in to the B&B. After Bei’s murder, John Heald went on the run for seven days, making his way back to his native South Yorkshire, where several public sightings had been reported to the police. However, after evading police capture by lying low in woodland near Rotherham, John surfaced at a nearby café where the owner recognised him and reported him to the police, who arrested him soon after. Police discovered that killer John was already on the run from police in South Yorkshire after he faced rape charges. During the court hearing, John Heald admitted to Bei’s murder but stated it was not deliberate or pre-meditated. However, before he could be sentenced John hanged himself in his cell.

Episode 5: Peter Fasoli

In January 2013 Peter Fasoli, 58, was tortured and strangled by Jason Marshall who posed as an MI5 agent during a ‘meeting’ between the pair at Fasoli’ s London home. As part of the role play between the two, Marshall tortured Fasoli and obtained his PIN number. Once Fasoli was dead Marshall set fire to his house to cover his tracks. Using the money he stole from Fasoli Marshall fled to Rome where he continued his violent spree.

Episode 6: Sian Roberts

Mother-of-one Sian Roberts was murdered at her Salford home by her friend Glynn Williams, as they returned from a party in the early hours. Williams stabbed her to death after she confronted him about stealing her jewellery. He then covered her body in clothes from her wardrobe and placed a vibrator, handcuffs and the knife in her hand in an attempt to make police believe it was a sex game gone wrong, or suicide.

Episode 7: Norma Bell

Norma Bell, 79 was strangled to death and left in her burning Hartlepool home by Gareth Dack, who would often visit her as he was a friend to one of her foster children.

Dack borrowed £10 from Norma Bell, and unable to pay her back, he murdered her. He then proceeded to ransack her home, stole a TV, £700 in cash, and made explicit calls to the adult television channel Babestation while his elderly victim lay dead or dying in her home

Episode 8: Kate Prout

Kate Prout was murdered by her husband Adrian on 5 November 2007 at their £1.6million country estate in Gloucestershire. After strangling his wife, Prout poured himself a glass of whisky, wrapped her body in a curtain and put it in the boot of his Land Rover before meeting friends at the local pub. Later that night he buried her body in the pheasant pen on his land, running a pheasant shoot the next day as planned. He didn’t report her missing until a week later.