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For A Friend/The Last Gamble

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man is found dead in a church car park. In Atlanta, a teenager is killed. Homicide detectives Diamantopoulos Philemon and Justin Ritter need to get a lead within the first 48 hours in order to give them a good chance of solving the case. 

32 year-old Perry Wallace was born and raised in Jefferson City Missouri. Before falling into drug addiction, Perry worked as a welder and dreamed of becoming a professional poker player. Perry was shot in a church parking lot, and detectives find six forty calibre shell cases nearby. They also recover a cell phone from Perry’s pocket. Detective Ritter must communicate with Perry Wallace’s family to let them know what happened, and to assure them that they will do everything they can to solve the case. After looking through his phone, Detective Ritter discovers that Perry Wallace was in the process of trying to sell a car. Now they need to find the buyer. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, the emergency services get a call from a busy gas station to report a shooting. Detective Daimantopoulos Philemon is called to the scene. It is his first case as lead detective. The victim is 17- year-old Daronald Wilkerson. Daronald was a popular high school basketball player with eight siblings. The gas station has a video camera, and Philemon can see the shooter in the footage, along with the other witnesses. Will this be enough to get him a lead within the first 48 hours?