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Jeffrey Epstein's strange birthday song

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In a two-night television event, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein investigates the billionaire New York financier who is alleged to have used his connections to the rich and famous to shield his predatory behaviour with young girls.

Crime+Investigation interviews writer, Christopher Mason and producer Robert Friedman on the ground-breaking four-hour documentary. Christopher Mason expresses his long-time and friendly relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell and a peculiar experience at Jeffrey Epstein's 40th birthday party.

"he sort of had a predilection for underage girls"

C+I: You talk in the series about composing an Aditi a song for Jeffrey Epstein's 40th birthday, you also mentioned that he sort of had a predilection for underage girls which Ghislaine had asked you to include in the song?

Christopher: Yes, she was very specific about what she wanted to be included in the song and it included that he was the subject of many school girl crushes when he was teaching at Dalton school, which was an odd thing for a girlfriend to want to include in her boyfriend's birthday song. She also wanted me to mention that claims he has 24-hour erections.

C+I: And did you come to conclusions about their relationship at that stage?

Christopher: They clearly were boyfriend and girlfriend, but their relationship had also morphed into something else at that point. I got the sense that this was girls from private schools in New York. but I don't think anyone really understood what this truly meant, unfortunately.

C+I: Ghislaine was arrested on July, 2, what do you make of it? And why on earth did it take so long for the FBI to make an arrest almost a year after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell?

Christopher: There are theories that Ghislaine had a deal with the FBI and she had somehow delivered Jeffrey to the FBI and this seemed to explain why it was taking so long for her to be apprehended.

Robert: We went back to hear from the survivors themselves because they are such an important part of the story but we hadn't heard as much as we had heard until when the arrest was made.

The survivors' testimony is so moving because it's been such a struggle for them to get justice. Especially since Jeffrey Epstein was somehow able to commit suicide; robbing them of their ability to confront him and of course, justice.

Robert: We think this kind of storytelling would effectuate some change going forward, the network was very involved, and this is an active stance on violence against women.

The series itself also has PSAs for 'RISE', which is to try to get the Bill of Rights passed. This is to provide help and other things to young potential victims.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres on Crime+Investigation with a double episode airing on Tuesday 25th August at 9pm. Parts three and four will be broadcast the following evening on Wednesday 26th August at 9pm.