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How Involved was Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew is one that has drawn a lot of attention and criticism. Since the news broke early in July 2019 that Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire financier and registered sex offender, had been arrested for sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors, there has been much speculation about what will happen to the now-disgraced hedge-fund manager and philanthropist who boasted connections to the rich, famous and royal. #SurvivingJeffreyEpstein

On the anniversary month of the death of disgraced financier and alleged sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Crime+Investigation will debut the revealing investigative documentary Surviving Jeffrey Epstein as a two night event telling the stories of eight survivors with insights from those close to him.

The four-hour documentary investigates the billionaire New York financier who is alleged to have used his connections to the rich and famous to shield his predatory behaviour with young girls. Revealing how Epstein set up a pseudo sexual Ponzi scheme to bring in underaged girls, the show delves into the aftermath the survivors are experiencing with no justice to be.