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Where can I watch Surviving Jeffrey Epstein?

Brand new and exclusive to Crime+Investigation

Two-night television event Tuesday 25th and 26th August at 9pm

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein

In a major two-night television event – on the anniversary of the death of disgraced financier and sexual predator, JeffreyEpstein - Crime+Investigation UK will premiere the ground-breaking documentary series, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

With insights from members of Epstein’s inner circle and telling the stories of eight key survivors, the four-hour documentary series reveals the full extent and horrors of Epstein’s sex trafficking network, as well as his connections to the rich and powerful on both sides of the Atlantic, used to cover-up his prolific and sordid crimes.

In a tv-first, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein provides a platform for these courageous women to share their stories and harrowing experiences in powerful and compelling testimony, to the story of Epstein’s rise to boundless wealth and influence, under cover of which he set up a vast sex trafficking network to not only gratify his own craven appetites but to extort his rich and powerful allies and ensure they maintained the conspiracy of silence around his deepest, darkest secrets.

Throughout the four-hour special we hear from survivors of Jeffrey Epstein, whistleblowers as well as a number of Epstein’s acquaintances and former friends. With unparalleled insight into one of the most talked about legal trials in recent history, testimonies from attorneys on both sides of the case, psychologists and expert journalists offer unique insight into the case of Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged global human trafficking network for the rich and powerful.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres on Crime+Investigation UK with a double episode airing on Tuesday 25th August at 9pm. Parts three and four will be broadcast the following evening on Wednesday 26th August at 9pm.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein