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10. Brighton: Clive Olive and the Sussex Mad Do

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On a cool evening in April,1973, a cargo ship came into Shoreham Harbour, near Brighton, West Sussex. Sailors watched the murky water below as the ship got closer to port, and in the water, close to the side of the ship, they noticed something bobbing around on the surface.

Hauling it out, they found a bloated body, still wearing a jacket and trousers. There were no feet attached, and sticking out from the collar of the jacket— a skull, stripped of all flesh and hair, no eyes, just bone.

What they had uncovered that night was the dark side of Brighton, and a small town harbour full of crustaceans that had been feeding on human flesh.

Crime+Investigation's Murdertown podcast is hosted by Benjamin Fitton, written by Anna Priestland, produced by Sam Pearson and Chloe Frost, and edited by James Collopy.