Murder for Hire

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Doctor and new girlfriend plot wife's death

Police detectives are shocked when their own podiatrist Dr. Ira Bernstein is involved in a murder for hire case. Together with his new girlfriend Kelly Gribeluk, they plot his wife's death. Little do they know, the police are watching every move they make.

Ira and Susan Bernstein appeared to be a couple very much in love. They were married in 2002 and lived in an affluent neighbourhood. Ira was a very popular, financially successful foot doctor, and the couple had three children together. Susan was very involved in her children’s lives and then seemed to be a social couple who were involved in their local community.

While Ira was married to Susan, he began dating a woman called Kelly Gribeluk. Susan found out about the relationship and the couple decided to separate.

Marckensy Louissaint was a car salesman, who knew Kelly from when she would visit the service location he worked at. One day Kelly opened up to Marckensy about her current relationship situation and when Marckensy offered his help, she took this offer to the extreme and asked him if he would help her to ‘get rid of’ Susan Bernstein. Marckensy went straight to the police and agreed to assist them in a case against Kelly Gribeluk and Ira Bernstein. He needed to pretend to be serious about carrying out the hit, in order to catch Ira and Kelly in the act and ultimately save the life of Susan Bernstein. A lot was riding on Marckensy’s ability to stay calm under pressure and not to give the game away, but with no formal training apart from his background in sales, could he pull it off?