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Murder Detective: Episode 2 - Jody Dobrowski

Graham Hill and Nick Scola underneath a street lamp in Clapham Common
Image: Murder Detective

Former senior Surrey detective and criminologist Graham Hill – best known for his work on the Madeleine McCann investigation - takes viewers inside some of the most complex and shocking cases of recent years.

Crime + Investigation’s brand-new series, Murder Detective, sees Graham bring his 30-year experience to provide a full 360-degree perspective on the inner workings, twists, and turns of the police work in these fascinating cases.

In each episode, he sheds light on the painstaking investigations through interviews with the investigation officers, as well as those most affected by the horrific murders: the family and friends of the victims. Graham pairs his detective methodology with forensic science and insider knowledge to provide true crime fanatics with his expert understanding of how the cases were finally cracked.

In episode two Graham Hill explores the case of Jody Dobrowski. Jody Dobrowski was just 24 years old when he was brutally murdered in an attack so cruel, he could only be identified through fingerprints.

Jody was walking across Clapham Common where he was beaten to death on 14th October 2005. His attackers, Scott Walker and Thomas Pickford, were motivated by homophobic thuggery and planned the random attack based solely on sexuality.

The investigation saw SIO Nick Scola and his investigating team never giving up and their hard work paid off as they linked a crucial DNA match to the killers.

The landmark case was the first time that a judge had been able to use an anti-gay motive as an aggravating feature to decide the sentence. Graham investigates the heart-breaking case with SIO Nick Scola and takes us inside the incredible police work that led to Jody’s killers being brought to justice.

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