Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh


Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh - Episodes

Murder at my Door with Kym Marsh premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION with the first episode airing on Monday 2nd November at 9 pm. Episodes will be available for 30 days on catch up.

Episode 1: The Monster Among Us | Monday 2nd November at 9pm

17-year-olds Ellie Gould and Thomas Griffiths began a relationship in January 2019. But by May, Ellie wanted to focus on her A levels and told friends on the 2nd of May that they had split up. The following day, Griffiths’ mother dropped him off at school, before he told his teachers he was ill and went home by bus. 

He then drove illegally to Ellie’s home, where, he viciously attacked her firstly by strangulation and then stabbing her at least 13 times. Before leaving the house, Griffiths 'arranged the scene' to make it look as if she had killed herself. Griffiths then cleaned up the scene and hid the bloodstained clothes in a wood. 

Unconvinced it was suicide, police launched an investigation, and when suspicion fell on Griffiths, and the dumped bag of bloody clothing was discovered leading to Griffiths admitted murdering his teenage ex-girlfriend. 

On the 8th of November 2019, Griffiths was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 12 ½ years for repeatedly stabbing Ellie with a kitchen knife at her family home in Calne, Wiltshire. The family believes he should never be released.

Episode 2: Burned Alive | Monday 9th November at 9pm

After meeting a 20-year-old medical student Mahil at a Sikh temple in Woolwich, Gagandip became besotted with her and 21-year-old Gagandip, was then invited to Mahil’s flat in Brighton, where she was studying. 

It was here one night that he made sexual advances on Mahil that were strongly rejected. 

After Mahil’s brother suggested some form of revenge, Mahil lured Gagandip back to her place in Brighton six months later. Waiting for him were Harvinder Shoker and his friend Darren Peters who viciously beat Gagandip, rendering him unconscious. They then threw him in the boot of his own car, drove him to Blackheath, and set the car alight, burning him alive. 

In February 2012, Shoker was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years, Peters was given 12 years for manslaughter, and after 40 hours deliberation Mahil was given 6 years for grievous bodily harm. She was released on license in 2014.

Episode 3: A Death in the Village | Monday 16th November at 9pm

58-year-old David Methven had been friends with 46-year-old William Kean for over 20 years, and were so close they called each other brothers, with David’s mother Jenny, treating Kean like family. Then, in February 2012, David Methven returned to the cottage he shared with his 80-year-old mother.

He found his mother covered in blood with horrific head injuries. Mrs. Methven had been hit over the head at least 11 times with such ferocity that her skull was fractured from one side to the other, and bone splinters were embedded in her brain. 

The investigation was one of the biggest ever carried out by Tayside Police, with approximately 80 officers dedicated to the inquiry and forensic experts spent over a week combing the cottage for evidence. 

This evidence eventually led them to none other than Kean. Right from the beginning, Kean denied the charge and blamed David Methven for Jenny’s death. However, in August 2012, William Kean was found guilty of bludgeoning Jenny Methven to death and sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years.

Episode 4: A Date with Death | Monday 23rd November at 9pm

Susan Annis was a dedicated nurse practicing at Crawley General hospital in Sussex when in November 1996, aged 31, she went on a nursing course. But tragedy struck when she fell into a coma in her room after inviting Kevin Cobb, another nurse she'd met and befriended on the course, in for a drink. Despite Cobb's and doctor's best efforts, Susan died in her room, and the inquest recorded an open verdict. 

Traces of the sedative midazolam were found in her system. Susan suffered from a heart condition that would make mixing midazolam and alcohol incredibly dangerous - but the coroner dismissed any suspicions. However, a colleague of Susan's and a family friend, Doctor John Parsley, never let go of his suspicion. 

Three years later, he heard that Kevin Cobb had been arrested for administering Midazolam to a patient and raping them. Doctor Parsley then phoned police and suggested they look at Susan's death again. Officers then spoke to Charing Cross Hospital toxicology department.

The clinician there was always suspicious that Susan's death was anything but 'natural,' and had gone against protocol and kept her stomach contents in the hope the case may be reopened. It soon became clear to detectives that the inquest's conclusions had been seriously flawed, and they immediately treated the investigation as murder with one prime suspect, Kevin Cobb.

Over the course of the investigation, more women came forward, claiming they may have been sedated and raped by him, and in April 2000, Kevin Cobb went to the Old Bailey for the 1996 murder of Susan Annis. The prosecution argued that when Kevin Cobb slipped the Midazolam into Susan Annis' cider, intending to rape her once the drug took effect, he knew she might not live. 

After a six-week trial, Cobb wasn't found guilty of murder, but manslaughter, two counts of rape, and four administering drugs to commit sexual assault. He was sentenced to seven life terms.