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I am a Killer: Wayne Doty

Ep 7. In March 1997 Wayne Doty shot his colleague, Harvey Horne II, five times in the face over what Doty claimed was a dispute about drugs. Doty was given life in prison but 14 years later killed again. While in prison Doty tricked fellow inmate Xavier Rodriguez into being tied up before strangling him unconscious and then stabbing him 23 times. At his trial Doty represented himself encouraging the jury to sentence him to death, which they duly did. In October 2015, four years after his sentencing, Doty became the first Florida death row inmate to request the electric chair. Today, he remains on death row but only following a resentencing, which occurred during the filming of this documentary. 

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The I Am A Killer podcast is an A+E Networks UK production for Crime + Investigation, and is hosted by Tom Adams and Danny Tipping, produced by Steph Nardilli and Sam Pearson, and edited by Susanna Lawrence