Watch now: I Am a Killer season 2 episode 1

Exclusive to  Crime+Investigation, watch I Am a Killer season 2 episode 1 in full. For the first time, I Am a Killer features female 'lifers' and season 2 launched with the story of Lindsey Haugen who strangled her boyfriend Robert Mast to death. If you haven't watched the show so far, we're giving you the chance to catch up with the gripping first episode in full. 

Watch I Am a Killer 2 | Episode 1: Lindsay Haugen

This compelling first episode raises so many questions about why women kill and the nature of repentance and forgiveness. Watch the full first episode and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 2: Leo Little available on catch up

Leo Little was a just a seventeen-year-old kid, a wannabe gangster when on the spur of the moment he decided to rob Jehovah’s Witness minister Christopher Chavez at gunpoint. This robbery would shatter countless lives, leaving an innocent man dead and Leo Little behind bars, ineligible for parole until 2038. 

Now after 20 years behind bars, Little is a reformed character who has embraced Christianity. An ordained minister, he reads the Bible daily, sharing its teachings and giving spiritual guidance to fellow inmates.

Though there are some who question how authentic is Little's transformation from a murderer who left his victim dying in the dirt to man of God. You'll have to watch episode 2 to decide for yourself.

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