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In association with Netflix, I am a Killer is your Latest True-Crime Obsession

Kenneth Foster

In CI's new binge-worthy ten-part series, I am a Killer, death row inmates recount the crimes that led to their death sentences.  In episode one, we meet Kenneth Foster who was convicted for murder even though it was his friend who fired the fatal shot. 

Foster was sat in his car, 70ft away when the killing took place but was convicted for the murder under Texas' Law of Parties. Now Foster faces life in prison after his death sentence was commuted by Governor Rick Perry.

Watch Episode One of I am a Killer in Full

Episode one takes you on a rollercoaster of second-guessing; we see it from Foster's eyes then crucially through the victim's family and our assumptions are turned on their head. 

Here's your chance to watch episode one of I am a Killer ahead of the launch on 29th May. So go ahead, judge for yourself: is Kenneth Foster a victim of the system or was he responsible for the killing, orchestrating it from afar?

I am a Killer continues Tuesdays 9pm.